Guidelines for Successful Fundraising

12 May

When fundraising for your school, team, or charitable organization, you’ll likely be relying on the participation of volunteers, PTO/PTA members, and your students parents to get the bulk of your work done. Whether your fundraiser involves the sale of Popcorn Palace’s delicious and nutritious gourmet snacks, or the planning of another fundraising event – your team needs a great fundraising strategy to help them succeed in raising the funds your organization needs.

Working with a group of students or volunteers is different than working with a paid staff. Though they may be enthusiastic, and have access to a wide range of community members and social contacts, they need to feel supported and appreciated, in order to remain motivated. Here, our fundraising experts outline some simple guidelines of fundraising strategy, intended to assist you in organizing your volunteer efforts:

Provide volunteer training

The best way to support your volunteer team is to hold a pre-fundraising orientation, in which you outline your goals, fundraising strategy, and expectations. Share any specifics you’d like them to keep in mind, and let them ask any relevant questions. You can also let them know exactly who to contact if they run into any issues, snags, or concerns. By taking the time to help familiarize your volunteers with your unique goals, you’ll help them focus their efforts, and ensure their satisfaction – and happy volunteers make better fundraisers!

Provide materials (and ongoing support!)

In addition to training, make sure your team has everything they need to be successful. Provide your volunteer team with printed copies of your training and orientation outline, along with a healthy supply of the items they will need to fundraise – including Popcorn Palace brochures, order forms, donor envelopes, annual reports for your organization, or information regarding where donations will be spent (such as images of team uniforms, equipment which will be purchased, and so forth).  Also, be sure to provide ongoing support, by scheduling frequent volunteer check-ins, or providing a volunteer “hotline” for questions which arise throughout the campaign.

Be open to creativity

While you should outline the basics protocol and standards of fundraising for your school or organization, don’t stifle the creativity of your fundraising team. Stay open to the new angles and ideas presented by enthusiastic volunteers, and you may find their feedback helps you expand your fundraising strategy to incorporate new angles and opportunities.

Keep track of progress

Make sure each individual has a clear handle on the tasks they are expected to accomplish, and stay in close touch with your volunteers throughout your campaign. Keep track of your progress, and make sure to offer support to volunteers who may be faltering. Your ongoing support, encouragement, and attention to detail will ensure the success of your campaign!

Appreciate your volunteers

Remember, your volunteers are here to support your efforts – not because they have to, but because they want to. Make sure your team feels appreciated, by expressing your gratitude and thanks throughout the process. By providing them with ongoing praise and recognition for their efforts, you’ll find yourself with a dedicated team of volunteers – who return to support you, year after year!

For more information on fundraising strategy, and how to successfully organize and support your volunteer team, feel free to contact Popcorn Palace. Our fundraising experts are available to provide you with the information and support you need to make sure your campaign is a hit – year after year!

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