Celebrating Your Successful Fundraiser

28 Apr

Imagine your Popcorn Palace fundraiser is complete – and it was, of course, an amazing success! Now, it’s time to celebrate your accomplishments, by acknowledging and honoring all of the students and volunteers who have supported your school, along the way.

There are many different ways to reward volunteers and participants – but your fundraising team deserves the best. Why not celebrate their achievements (and encourage future participation) by throwing them the ultimate fundraising celebration?

To help make your fundraising celebration memorable, and keep your participants pumped for future events, the fundraising team at Popcorn Palace offers these great tips for honoring your VIPs:

  • Invite friends and family who participated in your fundraiser to a VIP event. Offer delicious and nutritious low-cost snacks.
  • Host a formal rewards ceremony, where top fundraisers or VIP volunteers receive their awards and prizes, alongside a personal acknowledgment of their contribution to the campaign. If a rewards budget was not included in your original fundraiser, solicit donations from local businesses, and hand out door prizes to attendees.
  • Provide personalized thank you certificates (or cards), signed by members of the team or club benefiting from your fundraiser (or school or organizational staff). You can also honor top collectors by listing their names on your website – both are low-cost options for expressing your gratitude!
  • Showcase your achievements. If you’ve successfully collected the funds needed to install new playground equipment, plan your celebration alongside the unveiling – or show a slide presentation or video which describes future improvements.
  • Make your VIPs feel like stars. Put together a highlight reel of your fundraising efforts, and watch it as a team. Students and volunteers will be excited to see themselves participating – and it will emphasize the importance of every individual’s unique efforts.
  • Show off. If the funds you’ve collected support the science club, offer a VIP viewing of the Science Fair. If the funds support your dance or cheer team, include a performance as part of your celebration. You’ll help students and volunteers connect their efforts to real results – very rewarding!
  • Close with a toast, and express your sincere appreciation and gratitude to everyone who participated – your thanks will go a long way with those who are considering participating again, next year!

Following these tips will help you express your gratitude, honor the achievements of your fundraising team, and make your fundraising celebration unforgettable! For more information on how Popcorn Palace can help your school or organization meet your financial goals, contact our fundraising team, today – and you’ll be on your way to the ultimate celebration!


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