5 Tips for Fundraising Leadership

21 Apr

You stepped up to lead a school organization because you love the topic… whether it’s band, cheer, sports, or academics. You know what you’re doing when it comes to managing the kids and inspiring them to work harder and have fun. But embracing the fundraising aspect of an organization can be a lot harder, even if it is fundamental.

Many organization leaders have had bad experience with previous fundraisers. They cost too much to get started. They didn’t work or they took too much time away from important practice or other activities. Fundraisers don’t have to be complicated and overly time-consuming to be successful.

In this article, we’ll provide you with 5 tips to help you with fundraising leadership, so you can lead your organization to fundraising success.


The first step is to find out how much you really need to raise. This might seem obvious, but we see a number of groups that don’t know the specific dollar amount they need. It doesn’t have to be down to the cent, but you really need an approximate amount. Raising money is always helpful to an organization, but knowing what you need makes the fundraiser significantly more relatable—for members and funders. Progress without purpose doesn’t work as well.

Conquer Your Fear of Sales

Money can be an uncomfortable topic, but fundraising is sales. If you’re more comfortable talking to people about your organization’s goals, the money you need to achieve them, and what you’re selling then you can translate that comfort to your members. Have a firm idea of what your sales pitch is and be sincere and specific, so you can be proud of your fundraiser.

Be Supportive

You’re a valuable part of the fundraiser, even if your members are the ones doing the actual selling or service. Be ready to answer questions, help students that struggle with the fundraiser, and celebrate every win—big or small.

Keep on top of tracking

Don’t leave fundraiser tracking for the very end. If you do, the numbers will be overwhelming, and it’ll take so much time to tally and organize, that members and funders will feel disconnected by the time they hear the results. There are super fun ways to keep track – such as a fundraising thermometer that you color in at the end of every week.  Whether you decide to track publicly or privately in a spreadsheet is up to you—as long as you stay on top of it.

Find Your Own Support

Lastly, don’t take too much on your own shoulders without support. Being a fundraising leader is awesome, but it can get overwhelming fast. Form a committee, so you have different people handling different tasks. Or have multiple adult volunteers that can act as fundraising mentors for the kids. Make sure the school is on board, and ask advice from anyone else that has run a similar fundraiser.

At Popcorn Palace, we’re fundraising experts and we want to show you the support you need to step up your game in fundraising leadership. We offer tons of fundraising advice on our blog, and you can always contact us for more information on how to start a fundraiser of your own.

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