Popcorn Palace Supports AllStar Success!

16 Apr

The Popcorn Palace fundraising team recently had the pleasure of visiting Rockford, Illinois, to connect with the AllStar Rebels – a local cheerleading team with big dreams!

The AllStar Rebels are a small co-ed team, consisting of 15 members – and they have been working hard to prepare for competition at the 2015 World Cheerleading Championships, hosted at Walt Disney World, Orlando, on April 23rd-24th. Cheerleading teams from across the world compete in The Cheerleading Worlds qualifying events in order to receive a bid, and this team was the last team to receive a bid. What an amazing accomplishment.

Earning an invitation to the Worlds is every cheerleader’s dream. The top 316 teams from around the world will be competing for the cheer championship, while their performances are broadcast live on ESPN. The drama, energy, and excitement is real – as they strive to showcase the moves they’ve been perfecting all year.

After a local news channel featured their story, calling out to the community to support their fundraising efforts, we were excited to help them raise the funds they needed to send the entire team to Orlando.

We visited the AllStar Rebels at their home gym, attended one of their practices, and brought along a donation (and some delicious popcorn). We were pumped to watch these amazing cheerleaders tear up the gym – and to share our nutritious treats with such an awesome and talented team!

The AllStars gave us a warm welcome – and one of the cheerleaders even agreed to wear our GoPro camera while they practiced! Check out the footage below to see what Noah sees during their warm-up routine – it’s incredible!

If you want to watch the 2015 Worlds, check here for viewing coverage information. We’ll be watching here at Popcorn Palace and supporting the AllStar Rebels. They’re amazing athletes, so watch and cheer for your favorite teams.

At Popcorn Palace, we’re pleased to help the AllStar Rebels achieve their dreams, by offering our delicious and nutritious treats for use in their fundraising efforts. If your dance or cheer team is in need of funding – consider Popcorn Palace. Our fundraising program is a simple and tasty way to raise funds.

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