Using Dance for a Dance Fundraiser

13 Apr

Make your fundraiser stand out by capitalizing on what your group already does best. If you are part of a dance or cheer team, then try to incorporate dance or cheer into the fundraiser. You’re invested in it, and people are more likely to give money if they feel like both you and they are involved.

There are a number of ideas for a dance fundraiser. Hosting a dance-a-thon or a dance-off at your school or church would be fun and encourage enthusiastic competition. Donors can sponsor a dancer to see how long they can dance for or how far they can make it in the competition. If the fundraiser is for a dance school then you already have the perfect venue! If the dance fundraiser is for a program at school, you can either use the auditorium or talk with a local dance studio about hosting your event there. You can also talk to the studio about hosting dance classes or getting a portion of the studio’s profits for a certain day of the month, or a combination of the two.

Similarly for cheer fundraisers, the team could host cheer clinics or seminars. This could be a one-time event – maybe during a school break – or recurring classes. Having the team teach what they’ve learned to others reinforces it for them and provides an opportunity for fundraising. This could even be as big as a summer day camp that runs for a few days or a week to give a chance for young ones interested in cheer to try it out.

You can also use dance or cheer to help you with a sales oriented fundraiser. If you have an upcoming performance or competition that is out of state, you can organize a small recital where you explain to everyone what the upcoming event is, do a small demonstration and then let them know they can help by ordering popcorn – or another fundraising item – from your troupe.

If you can’t put on a full recital or demonstration, have each team member wear his or her dance or cheer outfit when they fundraise – it’s a great way to raise sales. People are more likely to support your team if they can see who and what they are giving to.

Doing cheer or dance fundraisers like this allows your group to utilize what they already know. A dance or cheer fundraiser can absolutely go beyond the basics for raising money. People are more willing to pay extra for something different, especially if they – or their kids – can get something more out of it.

Cheer and dance fundraisers can be fun as well as profitable, so find a way to incorporate both. For more fundraising ideas, take a look at our blog. If you would like more information about hosting a cheer or dance fundraiser, Popcorn Palace can help. Give us a call and we can help you get started today! With Popcorn Palace, we make sales oriented fundraising profitable and fun. There are no up-front costs, no minimum orders, and your team gets 50% profit on each item.

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