Kenwood Academy Brotherhood Fundraiser

13 Jan

When Dr. Shelby T. Wyatt of The Kenwood Academy Brotherhood set out to help his students raise funds to cover the cost of their 2014 Spring Break College Tour, the stakes were high. Airfare to Southern California alone was priced at $350 per ticket, and with 20 participating students, the Brotherhood was left struggling to cover the cost of the trip – estimated at over $750 per student.

The Spring Break College Tour is important, as it allows students who are preparing for graduation the opportunity to visit and preview colleges and universities which they might be interested in attending. Campus tours include meetings with Admissions, Financial Aid, scholarship committees, and the departments which oversee campus life and multi-cultural affairs – an incredible opportunity for students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to connect, in person.

With only four months to raise funds which would cover the significant cost of this trip, the Brotherhood decided to think outside of the box, and began to search for innovative options which might support their fundraising efforts.

“We reached out to Popcorn Palace to give it a try,” said Dr. Wyatt. And, with the help of Popcorn Palace’s fundraising team, the Kenwood Academy Brotherhood was able to achieve their goals.

“The fundraiser was a huge success. Several of the students sold more than they needed to pay for the trip, which helped the other students. One student sold more than $700 worth of popcorn!”

Kenwood Academy

With airfare costs covered, the students were able to visit participating Southern California schools, as scheduled.

When asked what his best suggestion might be, for schools considering using Popcorn Palace for fundraising purposes, Dr. Wyatt emphasized the importance of parent and participant communication. The quality of Popcorn Palace products also helps to keep everyone motivated.

“Our Popcorn Palace fundraiser more than covered the cost of airfare,” said Dr. Wyatt, “and the popcorn was so delicious that we placed a second order – not for fundraising, but because people kept asking if we had extra bags on the side!”

If you have any questions or need information about popcorn fundraising for students, contact Popcorn Palace for more information.

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