Tips and Tricks For Successful Fundraising

5 Jan

Popcorn Palace Gourmet Popcorn makes fundraising for your school or organization simple – but staying organized can help smooth the way for a truly successful campaign. Make sure your team is ready, by following these helpful tips and tricks!

  1. Communicate. Let your school or organization’s administrators know your plans, and clearly communicate your fundraising goals and plan, in order to gain any necessary approvals. Reaching out to the person in charge of announcements and community outreach is also a great idea – they may be able to help you spread the word to students, parents, or participants.
  2. Gather your team. Go over the information contained in Popcorn Palace’s Fundraising Kit with your team. Make sure that everyone involved understands the process, and is clear about the purpose and goals you’re working to reach.
  3. Create a timeline. You’ll want to decide the following:
  • Customer Delivery Date. When do you plan to deliver orders to customers?
  • Order Delivery Date. Allow yourself a few days after the receipt of your order to organize and distribute your Popcorn Palace Gourmet Popcorn. Remember, your team might have other commitments, scheduling in a little cushion will help keep it low stress for everyone.
  • Fundraising Dates. Outline clear dates for the beginning and end of your fundraiser, and make sure that everyone involved knows when the campaign will end. Short sales periods (under two weeks) are ideal. Also, allow a day or two of grace time, to ensure that you receive orders from every member of your team.
  1. Make a cheat sheet. List sales prices, dates, and other important information, in case your fundraising team needs a little reminder. Preparing helpful responses to frequently asked questions will help you save time, and avoid confusion.
  2. Rehearse the sales pitch. We know that Popcorn Palace products are delicious enough to sell themselves – still, providing your team with a basic sales prompt is empowering (and rehearsing it can help avoid the “deer in the headlights” experience). It will help your team feel more comfortable, and help you boost sales.
  3. Stick to the plan. Following your outlined dates will be critical to your success. It avoids confusion, eliminates lagging orders, and ensures that all of your customers are pleased with their orders.

Remember, staying organized will help ensure that your team stays on the same page – and helps your ensure your fundraiser is a success.

For more information on successful fundraising, contact Popcorn Palace. We can help your school or organization achieve its goals – contact us today, for our helpful fundraising kit!

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