Using the Internet and Social Media to Leverage Your Fundraiser

30 Oct

Technology has changed the fundraising landscape. You used to think you were doing pretty good with marketing if you posted a couple of dozen flyers and ran an ad in your local newspaper about this year’s gourmet popcorn fundraiser for the school football team.

Not anymore. Today, effective marketing of a fundraiser largely revolves around digital media. Sure you want to have some color glossy brochures of your products to show your customers, but virtually all the rest of your marketing activities today are online. You need to set up a website and fill it with top quality, focused content. SEO isn’t really an issue, as most visitors are going to get to you via a link. Then after your website is set up you can get serious about your social media marketing campaign.

The Power of Social Media

Facebook is about more than Likes and Twitter can also give your fundraising campaign a big boost. Step one in your social media marketing campaign is prominently featuring the fundraising campaign on your Facebook page, and getting your friends and family members to do the same. If it’s a major fundraiser, you might consider putting in the effort to give the fundraiser its own Facebook Cause page.

You should also take advantage of other social media tools such as Twitter and YouTube.  You don’t want to bombard your network with over-frequent tweets on the subject, but a tweet announcing the start of the fundraising campaign and an update every few days on progress, goals met, etc. is appropriate. Sending out a mass email with a link to the fundraiser website to all of the contacts on your mailing list is another tried and true marketing method.

Popcorn Palace Can Help with Fundraiser Marketing

Popcorn Palace is a premier provider of gourmet popcorn for all kinds of fundraisers. We offer over a dozen varieties of delicious popcorn in a range of sizes and packages. Best of all, with Popcorn Palace there are no upfront costs and you make 50% profit on each item sold. All products are delivered by UPS and are presorted by participant.

You can also get useful tips on organizing your fundraiser from Popcorn Palace.  Our useful Fundraising Information Kit can be ordered online from our website, and this handy guide tells you everything you need to know to run a successful popcorn fundraiser. We can also send you a form if you fill out the form below.

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