Popcorn Palace Testimonial – Bethany the baseball mom

27 Oct


Bethany Valle holds many titles. One of those included baseball mom – a “job” she held when first working with Popcorn Palace.

“The first organization that I used Popcorn Palace for fundraising was my sons little league team,” Bethany said. “We were trying to raise funds for an end of the year celebration and a gift for the coach. We succeeded in raising close to $300.”

Because of the success with the baseball team, Bethany started using Popcorn Palace to raise funds for a yearly one-week trip to Kennedy Space Center Space Camp for gifted students. Now that she has been using Popcorn Palace for years, she boasts having return customers that look forward to “that time of year”: Popcorn season.

“I will continue to use Popcorn Palace as long as there is a need for a fundraiser,” Bethany said. “I always find something to order! Everything is so good!”

The best thing about Popcorn Palace, Bethany said, is that it is easy to sell a product that is good.

“The product received is always in good condition,” Bethany said. “Nothing has ever been bad. The entire process is very easy and fast. With Popcorn Palace, there always seems to be a flavor that people like.”

With Popcorn Palace also providing samples, Bethany also swears that this is what makes selling with Popcorn Palace so easy. She received them her first year and then requested them again for the second-time around with the next fundraiser.

“I set up a table at my job with the sample bags and made more sales that afternoon in 10 minutes than I had the previous 3 days because now, they could taste how good it was,” Bethany said.

In the end, Bethany and her fundraising opportunity achieved its goals and made for a satisfied repeat customer.

“I believe it is priced just right,” Bethany said. “We are able to make a little extra money to help with the trips and everyone is asking for more in the end. It could almost be a second job for me!”

Don’t delay your fundraising any longer. Start fundraising with Popcorn Palace today.

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