Popcorn Palace Testimonial – Keith and the school supplies drive

20 Oct


Keith Jefferson and his lodge members used Popcorn Palace fundraising to help provide children heading back-to-school with school supplies for the new school year. They had such enormous success, they even donated extra funds to Breast Cancer Awareness.


“I’m a Prince Hall Mason and my lodge used this fundraiser to raise funds for school supplies for local children in our area as well as donate a portion to Breast Cancer Awareness. Popcorn Palace has helped us achieve our goals through this fantastic fundraiser.

We like the 50/50 concept, we will use this fundraiser over and over and over again.

Every time we let people in the community know that we are about to do our fundraiser again with Popcorn Palace, we get a massive response.

The variety of popcorn that is offered is perfect; you can even make your own tin – customized with up to three different types of popcorn.

This fundraiser was the best of all fundraisers that we have done because you see the profits right away – no waiting, no cashing a check, no hassle with the company and everything works out for the best. All I can say is keep up the good work and keep making people happy [Popcorn Palace].”


Take your fundraising to the next level. Start fundraising with Popcorn Palace today.

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