Fall Football Fundraisers

17 Oct

Fall is both the start of football season and the beginning of a new school year, which also makes it the perfect time to put together a fall football fundraiser. Everybody wants to support their school football team, and it’s common knowledge that the expenses of organizing a football team continue to increase every year.

Schools of all types and sizes (including middle schools, high schools and community colleges) can put on a successful fall football fundraiser. Perhaps the most important decision in holding a successful fundraiser is picking the right fundraiser. Do you want to sell a product, hold an event, or offer some type of service like a car wash?

Events frequently mean high upfront costs, which you might or might not recoup. However, they can be fun, raise significant donations, and boost awareness of your team. Services mean significantly less upfront costs than events, but you do have to juggle date scheduling and find volunteers willing to donate a large amount of time and energy. A product based fundraiser can raise significant amount of money, and you can pick the right product and company to work with, so you avoid upfront costs or a minimum obligation.

If you decide that a product-based fundraiser is the right fundraiser for you, you still face a bewildering array of fundraising product choices – candy, fruit, meats and cheeses, gourmet popcorn, magazine subscriptions, clothing, toys and games — so how do you choose the right product for your fundraiser?

Popcorn Is the Perfect Choice

Gourmet popcorn is an ideal choice for a football fundraiser. Almost everybody loves popcorn, so it’s a great seller. Popcorn also ships and stores well, and best of all, it’s healthy and tastes great! You can buy the products for your popcorn fundraiser from a number of different manufacturers, but Popcorn Palace has years of experience making fundraising easy, profitable, and tasty.

If you want to schedule your fundraiser around a fall holiday, Popcorn Palace has got you covered with delicious flavors, savory and sweet, to help you celebrate.

Low Cost, High Profit, Guaranteed Delivery

Popcorn Palace’s fundraising program allows you to organize a no upfront cost, high profit football fundraiser for your organization, and provides guaranteed delivery of your gourmet popcorn via UPS. Note that there is no minimum order and your organization makes 50% profit on every sale. You can even track your shipment online as soon as it leaves our Illinois production facility.

You can learn more about our fundraising program on the Popcorn Palace website, and order your free fundraising information kit to learn how to get started today.

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