Popcorn Palace Testimonial – Lindsay the Cheer Mom

15 Sep

lindsay wehmer_img

Lindsay Wehmer was a cheer mom looking to help build funds for her daughter’s high school cheer team at Parkway North High School. Funds were tight for boosters who were looking to fund uniforms and cheer camp for the members on team. Ms. Wehmer and the other boosters stumbled upon Popcorn Palace as a fundraising option for cheer team members if they were looking to participate to help pay for some of the costs on the team.

“Those who did participate raised at least $100 each. It was phenomenal,” Ms. Wehmer said. “One girl was able to pay (in full for her uniform and camp).”

When asked if she would use Popcorn Palace in the future, Ms. Wehmer replied yes. Her compliments were that the fundraiser was easy to do and that the customer service was on point.

“When we had questions, we were always able to reach a customer service representative. All of our questions were answered right away,” Ms. Wehmer said.

Some things she highlighted about what she liked most about working with Popcorn Palace were the company’s flexibility, promptness, spreadsheet ordering system and the easy uploading process. She explained that the process was made very easy by being extremely efficient and self-explanatory.

What stood out to Ms. Wehmer the most?

“The timeliness and care of the customer service representatives,” Ms. Wehmer said. “And the popcorn is delicious, too!”


Host a delicious and profitable fundraiser for you and your school. Start fundraising with Popcorn Palace today.



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