Fall Popcorn Fundraiser

29 Aug

The long, hot days of summer are drawing to a close and fall is just around the corner. People eat popcorn year round these days, but delicious, healthy popcorn becomes even more popular when the nights grow long and the weather starts to turn nippy.

Fall is the perfect time for a popcorn fundraiser.  Moreover, popcorn fundraisers have become one of the most popular types of fundraising events today. Schools, clubs and organizations of types and sizes are turning to popcorn gifts for their annual fall fundraiser because customers love it so much it practically sells itself!

Popcorn Gifts from Popcorn Palace Offer Unbeatable Quality and Value

Popcorn Palace is the premier gourmet popcorn gift provider. The Popcorn Palace offers more than 18 varieties of nutritious tasty popcorn, all available in resealable bags or seasonal decorative tins.

Any popcorn aficionado will tell you Popcorn Palace has been all about flavor for 15 years. We use only premium ingredients – U.S. Grade AA butter, C&H brown sugar, roasted nuts (including whole macadamia nuts), real fruit oils, and even genuine Oreo® cookies. Moreover, all of our flavors are perfected by the toasty crunch of our freshly popped gourmet popcorn.

Popcorn Palace has been featured on Unwrapped, $40 a Day with Rachael Ray, Roker on the Road with Al Roker, on the Food Network and as a part of Modern Marvels on The History Channel. We have also been ranked as one of the fastest-growing in the Inc. 500 list eight years in a row for the U.S.-based, privately held independent food & beverage company category.

Halloween or Thanksgiving Theme Popcorn Fundraiser

Thinking about popcorn fundraising events a month or two before a fall-themed holiday is a great idea as everybody is starting to think about their favorite autumn and holiday foods. Family members, friends and neighbors are simply more likely to be enthused by the thought of gourmet popcorn this time of the year.

Getting started on a popcorn fundraiser is easy. Just request Popcorn Palace’s free information kit and you’ll have everything you need to get the ball rolling. With our fundraising program you will enjoy:

  • No upfront costs
  • 50% profit on every sale
  • Friendly support staff
  • No minimum orders

You can’t go wrong with a fall fundraiser with Popcorn Palace. Our flexible fundraising program is perfect for organizations of all sizes, and everybody loves our sweet or savory gourmet popcorn!

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