Healthy Food Fundraisers You Can Be Proud to Be a Part Of

13 Aug

New FDA rules aimed at removing junk food from school have banned many types of fundraisers such as candy, chocolate, and cookies. They won’t be allowed to be sold during school hours. All too often, fundraisers today revolve around these super-sweet foods. There’s nothing wrong with a tasty sweet for dessert or an occasional pick-me-up, but regular snacking on sugary food is unhealthy, especially for kids.

One of the best ways to make sure children are eating reasonably healthy is to provide them with healthy snacks. A couple of servings of apples slices, carrots or popcorn can make a big difference in the nutritional status of pre-teens who try to live on burgers, fries and pizza.

Healthy Food Fundraisers

Fruit Basket Fundraisers

Fruit fundraisers replace unhealthy candy and cookie dough fundraisers with fresh fruit delivery. Offering your friends and family delicious fresh fruit is a great new way to raise money, and you have lots of options and price levels to choose from for your fundraiser.

You can sell seasonal fresh fruit year round or just once or twice a year for special campaigns. Fruit is healthy and tastes great, and fruit basket gifts are unique and fitting for any occasion.

Meat and Cheese Fundraisers

Another healthy alternative for fundraising is selling meats and cheeses or meat and cheese gift baskets.  Gourmet food products are one of the fastest -growing categories of gift baskets, and you can order a bewildering array of delicious domestic and imported food items in gift baskets today. Traditional food gift basket items like summer sausage and cheddar cheese remain popular, but olives, pates and savory jellies are also hot items for fundraising food baskets.

Popcorn Gifts and Popcorn Gift Basket Fundraisers

Premium popcorn and popcorn gift baskets have become a hot fundraising idea today. How can you go wrong with a healthy, delicious product like popcorn in a variety of tasty flavors?

Working with an industry leader like Popcorn Palace for your popcorn fundraiser means less work, more money and happier customers. Your friends and family can select from more than a dozen lip-smacking good flavors of premium popcorn when they participate in your fundraiser. Moreover, there are no upfront costs and your organization clears 50% net profit on every sale.

There is no minimum order at Popcorn Palace, and best of all, you’re selling a delicious product that practically sells itself.

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