We’ve Got Spirit!

8 Aug

Two, four, six, eight! Who do we appreciate? Cheerleaders are the lifeblood of a sports team, providing pep, excitement, and team spirit to any game.

The Brunswick Area Youth Football League (BAYFL) was originally started by a group of individuals to get middle school aged children prepared for high school football. As the league grew in size and scope, a group of moms put together a cheering program so the girls could be involved as well.

Over the past 12 years, the cheering program has grown from just sideline cheers at football games to a year round program that does a minimum of six competitions in the winter time. They also started a summer program to keep the girls going year round. All of the coaches are on a volunteer basis. BAFYL Cheer“It’s unfair to ask these hard-working girls to pay for everything themselves. It can be tough to find the money for uniforms, travel expenses and equipment, says Amanda Griffin, “ We do not want to turn away anyone with a passion or desire to learn the sport of cheer. “

The profits from the fundraiser will go to the squad and to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

For more information on BAYFL, visit http://www.bayfl.org/cheering/

For more information about Popcorn Palace’s fundraising program, visit http://popcornpalace.com/Home/Fundraising.

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