Have a Game Plan for Popcorn Sales

25 Jul

We can’t emphasize enough just how important preparation and planning are to a successful fundraiser. Knowing your audience, setting goals and seeking out opportunities are key to meeting and exceeding your sales goals!  Before launching your popcorn fundraiser, take a look at all the potential ways you can sell popcorn, and weigh the pros and cons of each to determine which ones best suit your group. Use the following suggestions to help come up with a solid game plan for popcorn sales.

Students Selling to Student

This might be the easiest way to sell popcorn because kids are always looking for something yummy to snack on, and they’re impulsive buyers. The downside of this is kids don’t often have a lot of cash on them. When students are selling to fellow students suggest reaching out to them before lunchtime, when they might have more available cash on hand.

Selling to Family

Selling popcorn bags to family is a no-brainer. Our families are often our best resource because they want to support us in all endeavors. However, because of this, family can often get over-utilized. When setting your fundraising dates, be aware of any major family events, such as a wedding, which may limit your results. However, you can sometimes turn obstacles into a blessing. Savvy sales people will know how to take advantage of having their family members all together in one room.

Parents Selling to Co-Workers

Co-Workers can often be great for fundraising, but because of this people can get sick of being asked to participate in fundraisers. Make sure to give yourself a good window of time before launching the fundraiser so you can start planting seeds. Start telling people about the popcorn fundraiser – get them excited about Popcorn Palace’s signature flavors. This is also a great time to start telling everyone about how the funds will be used. If the funds are for a school or church group, start talking them up and make sure to personally invite co-workers to upcoming games or events.

Selling at Sporting Events & Other Venues

Selling at sporting events and other storefronts, such as grocery stores, can be a fantastic way to rack up the sales! You’re exposing the group to a new market and endless resources. However, this means there are a few more hoops to jump through. First and foremost, you need to request permission from the venue. Make sure to give them plenty of notice because scheduling can be difficult. Remember, they deal with non-profit organizations regularly.

The downside of selling at a venue to folks who may be unfamiliar with you is that they may not feel comfortable giving you money up front. Therefore, if this is part of your business plan, we recommend you order the popcorn first and sell the actual snack bags, signature jars, value bags and even gift sets on-site. You may also want to hand out business cards just in case people decide they want more, because it’s likely they will after they taste that first heavenly kernel!

Good luck and get poppin’!

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