Five Great Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

7 Jul

Have you exhausted all of your creative fundraising resources for your son or daughter’s sports team? Take a look at these fresh concepts to spark some innovative ideas for your next fundraising adventure!

Sports Night Out

Take advantage of your sports-loving family and friends and organize a sports night by partnering with a local restaurant. Kid-friendly ones with a lot of TV’s are best. Plan the evening around a popular game or sports event and then promote it via Facebook, email and word-of-mouth. A pre-arranged percentage of the profits from that evening will go towards the team. You can even sell merchandise at the event, such as t-shirts, buttons and hats with the team logo.

Professional Photo Sessions

Find out if there’s anyone on your team that has a friend who is a professional photographer, and ask if he or she would be willing to donate their time on a weekend day or weekday evening. Next, book time slots for families, individuals or couples at the school or even outside of the school. Have your group reserve time slots using, which is an easy way to manage scheduling and other information.  Besides the cost of printing, your organization earns 100% of the profits.

Create a Calendar

Print a calendar with team photos and sell them at games or other school-related events. To produce a professional–looking product can be a bit time-consuming but also extremely fun. Put each member in charge of something, such as costumes, locations and equipment. Make sure to do your research to find a place that will print inexpensive but good quality calendars. Online is a good place to look, but you might also find a local business willing to donate a percentage of the cost to help support the team. You’d be surprised what you can get for free if it’s for a good cause and you’re willing to ask!

Host a Tournament Event

This is an exciting way to promote healthy competition and get your fans involved. Other teams will have to play to pay, and you can sell tickets to the event. If you want to bump it up a notch, you can even create a theme around the tournament and plan mini competitions throughout the day. Find vendors willing to sponsor food for a concession stand and brainstorm other merchandise that can be sold throughout the day. The profits go directly to the team. Make sure to let people know what you’re using the funds for to get them excited about their contribution!

Flavored Gourmet Popcorn

If you’re looking for a fresh idea, there’s nothing fresher than fundraising with flavored gourmet popcorn. No more chocolate or cookie dough!  Popcorn Palace has an array of delectable flavors from Brown Sugar Caramel to Spicy Cheese and Fruit Rainbow that kids, parents and friends will love. Check out our fundraising page for more details on how to organize your popcorn fundraiser today!

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