Why Your School Can Raise More Money with Popcorn!

27 Jun

There are multiple ways to raise much needed funds for your school team or group. Everyone’s very familiar with traditional fundraisers such as selling chocolate and holding a carwash. However, fundraising for any organization, no matter what the method, can be challenging so why not start with the ball in your court?

Healthy & Delicious

Fundraising with premium gourmet popcorn made by Popcorn Palace solves one hurdle right out of the gate. Popcorn is a fresh, new way to raise funds and hasn’t been exhausted the way traditional methods have. Popcorn is also a much healthier alternative to other candy often being sold.

We make popcorn that is both outrageously delicious and mindful. Each batch is handmade using real ingredients such as nuts and fruit oils. We’re not afraid of our nutrition facts and post them directly on the website. One of our most popular sellers is the ‘Better Salt ‘n Pepper,’ which is part of our fundraising package. Kids can eat almost 3 cups of this tasty popcorn for only 160 calories, plus it’s made with sea salt and cracked black pepper. Parents are ecstatic to get behind a fundraiser like this and kids, well, kids just love that it tastes great!

50% Profit & No Up-Front Costs

One of the major factors that should be considered is the expense-to-profit ratio. Some fundraisers can be very expensive on the front end with minimal profit on the back end. With some methods you can even lose money, if you have a lot of up-front costs. However, with a Popcorn Palace popcorn fundraiser, you make a whopping 50% on each item sold and there are no up-front costs. What this means is that you sell orders, collect money, and then place your order. This way, no unnecessary expenses are accrued. This is a relief for most families who are expected to come to the rescue time and time again.

Tools to Help You Succeed

The fact is a fundraiser can fail no matter what method you use. The key is to be prepared and we help you do that! We want you to succeed and so we provide integral tools to aid your group. One of the most important items is the interactive form, which helps you set personal as well as group sales goals. Goals are often overlooked, and without them it’s hard to know where you’re headed. Setting goals helps students stay on track. Make sure to take time to use this tool. You can even take it to the next level, and make a competition of it. Keep track of sales goals and successes for each student on a chalk board and the one with the best sales gets a special prize at the end of the fundraiser. It’s a fun way to keep everyone motivated.

Other great tools Popcorn Palace provides include letter templates, such as a reminder letter and parent letter. Check out our fundraising page here: http://popcornpalace.com/Home/Fundraising. We also provide crucial support. Contact us any time at 800-873-2686 with questions or comments. We are always ready to lend a hand!

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