Celebrate Holidays & Sell More Popcorn!

5 Jun

Take advantage of holidays in order to maximize your fundraising potential. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, even 4th of July are great holidays to add spirit to sales. Popcorn is the perfect treat to sell during these popular gift-giving occasions. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to tailor your popcorn fundraiser around major holidays:

Valentine’s Day

Who doesn’t want to get something sweet from their sweetheart on the most romantic day of the year? On Valentine’s Day, buy a box of inexpensive Valentine’s cards that kids can give each other and attach them to the popcorn container. People can personalize the cards themselves. If the fundraiser is for a school, you can charge an extra $1 to personally deliver Valentine’s popcorn to the students’ classrooms. Organizations can also take advantage of Valentine’s popcorn, if they have an event or meeting within a week of this decadent holiday.

Super Bowl Sunday

Although Super Bowl Sunday isn’t an official holiday, there are many people that celebrate it as if it were the biggest holiday of the year. Popcorn is the great addition to any Super Bowl spread, whether it’s wings, pizza, sandwiches or something else. This is a great day to sell in bulk, so offer discounts on multiple orders. Decorate the bags with a sticker of the buyer’s favorite team.


Easter is another holiday that friends and family expect to get a sweet treat, so make sure to consider this when picking your popcorn flavors. “Fruit Rainbow,” which is made with real tangerine, lemon, apple, grape and tart cherry, is a festive and colorful choice for Easter. Throw in a few plastic eggs filled with even more delicious popcorn and prepare to sell out.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is that special day when we honor our Mothers for their love and dedication. Traditionally, Mother’s Day is a day of flowers, candy and jewelry. Spice up your popcorn bags with a few fresh or paper flowers. You can also buy some simple Mother’s Day cards which can be upsold to people who wait until the very last minute to get a card. Remember that Mother’s Day is a great way to celebrate stepmoms, grandmothers, aunts, and other women who make a difference in our lives.

Independence Day

On the Fourth of July, Americans celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence with a day of festivities largely centered on fireworks and food. Popcorn is a perfect snack for outdoor barbecues and picnics. It’s perfect to eat while watching parades or baseball games. Make sure to accent popcorn bags with cute little American flags and pick flavors that work well with your favorite Fourth of July activities.


Popcorn has always been a tried and true Halloween treat! For years, families gave out homemade popcorn balls to costumed children and some still do. Offer a trick that’s also a treat with savory flavors like spicy cheese, and enhance your popcorn bags with plastic spiders and handmade paper pumpkins, ghosts and other ghouls.


Popcorn has long been associated with Christmas. Many of us used to string popcorn to decorate our Christmas trees. Not everyone can afford expensive gifts, especially when buying for lots of people. High schools and churches can make a killing during Christmas by accenting their popcorn bags with pretty bows or a mini candy cane. Sweeten up everyone’s holiday with brown sugar caramel or milk chocolate drizzle popcorn.

Check out Popcorn Palace Fundraising page for more information!

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