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Building Character & Confidence

25 Apr

Coach Eddie McFerrin was the type of athlete that was always involved with volunteering.  He first started with Lake Stevens Junior Athletic Association helping with their basketball and football programs and then at a local boys and girls club in the community. His love for sports and coaching led him to start his own basketball program, Fusion Basketball.


Fusion Basketball consists of 4th graders through high school students.  Coach McFerrin understands that sports are a great activity for children that provide a variety of benefits other than physical activity. Participation in sports can help build self-esteem and confidence, can motivate children to excel academically and can help build social skills. Participation also can teach children the benefits of goal-setting and practice.

“We solely cannot rely upon sponsors and donations to cover all the costs associated with running a basketball program, “says Coach McFerrin, “ Popcorn Palace has helped our kids that can’t afford to travel attend the tournaments, pay for the uniforms, and much more.”

Most importantly, fundraising has taught the kids to become more responsible and self-reliant.

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