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Music Makes a Difference

12 Feb

A thriving orchestra program, like any other superior performing group, cannot reach its fullest potential without the assistance and support of the community. The Lake Highlands Area Orchestra Club, Inc. (LHAOC) is the booster organization for the school orchestras. It is comprised of all parents of orchestra students.



Partly because of the demographics, LHAOC has had challenges in getting the manpower and money raised to help the kids achieve their goals, gain experience and hone their skills. However LHAOC has worked very hard to give the young adults a leg up and help set an example for future students that their hard work pays off and that there are people and organizations who care and support them.

According to varsity orchestra director, Michael Rybiski, fundraising is very important as it supports all orchestra students in Lake Highlands – festival entry fees, travel expenses, instrument maintenance, private lessons scholarships, and senior scholarship funds.

“Popcorn Palace fundraising is a very important first step to achieving our goals. I love that you give 50% to the organization and your product is so easy to sell and distribute. It’s perfect for any non-profit organization of any size,” says Booster Club parent, Sophie Hamlin, “Winning competitions has really helped the kids to feel proud of their accomplishments and have bonded them in spirit. That’s exactly what we want.”

Click here to view some performances by LHAOC.

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