Ruck and Roll

12 Apr

Unlike American football, the laws of rugby are few and simple. Rugby action does not stop until someone scores, the ball goes out of bounds, or a rule is broken and teams don’t huddle to prepare strategy since no platoons for offense, defense, and special teams exist. Did we mention that players wear little or no protective gear in this full contact sport?


The Fallbrook Girls Rugby Club has been ranked as the best rugby program in the US by Rugby Magazine and has even won the national championships. Marin Pinnell, along with her husband Craig, has been coaching girls aged 11-18 for the past 5 years.  She is a keen rugby supporter and is also the rugby club teacher advisor at Fallbrook High School where she also teaches Biology and Chemistry.

“We live in a socioeconomically low area and most of our girls cannot afford to travel without the help of fundraising,” says Marin,” The profits go towards airfare and ground transportation costs. We need every team member to win our next championship!”

For more information about USA Rugby, visit

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