Enriching Students After School

18 May

Kids need all the help they can get these days. There are too many ways a child can stray from the straight and narrow: drugs, shoplifting, drinking — so it’s important that they have a safe place to hang out after school.

The Malden After-School Program, which operates five days a week for three hours a day, employs two staff members who provide tutoring and instruction to the attending students. Although the main focus of the program is homework help, they also offer lessons about health and fitness and provide healthy snacks.

Malden After School Program

Malden After School Program

As the program workers work closely with the classroom teacher to acquire additional strategies to meet the needs of all students, there has been a significant improvement in the grades as well as the reading levels. Gifted students are also members of the after school program and they are given activities that help push them to reach their full potential.

Director Wyndi Stacey states that the extra $2,500 will keep the program running for future students by purchasing fun things for the kids to do after homework is finished such as crafts and fitness items. In addition, it will allow the program to buy higher quality and more exotic foods to show student that healthy CAN taste good!

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