Saving an Animal One Day at a Time

25 Apr

Animal Aid for Vermilion Area (AAVA) is a non profit 501(c)3 animal rescue organization located in South Louisiana. One of their main goals is to rescue pets from the local animal control facility, i.e. the pound. What makes the situation at Animal Aid for Vermillion different is that the pounds do not have an adoption program to the public. Unless the pet is reclaimed by owners within 4 days, they are euthanized.  In addition, there is a court order forbidding overcrowding which means one dog per cage.

Adoptable Pets through AAVAHowever thanks to an agreement between the Parish and AAVA, pets can be ‘pulled’ from the facility by 501(c)3 organizations. AAVA makes frequent visits to the pound, take pictures, and post on various lists such as Petfinder, Pets911, and AdoptaPet.  In addition,  they teach the importance of spaying and neutering.

To date, they have rescued thousands of animals, worked through 5 natural disasters, including hurricanes Katrina and Rita. They have also helped pass the Pet Evacuation Bill that keeps service animals and pets from being left behind during a disaster.

“AAVA has almost maxed out their credit limit at the vet clinic that holds animals for a while before they are sent to AAVA,” says Mariya,” I am trying my best to help them financially, but I am not able to help cover bills. I make a donation when I can afford to, but it is not sufficient.  The fundraising profits will help in proving veterinary care, food, shelter, and a way out the gassing facility.”

We wish Mariya and AAVA much support on their mission! For more information on list of current adoptable pets, to become a Guardian Angel, visit the website, become a friend on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

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