Dances with Smiles

30 Mar

N-Spire Praise Dance Group initially established out of Hanley Elementary School in Memphis about 4 years ago. The group consists of inner-city girls from the Memphis, Tennessee area, who dance for various events in and around Memphis.


N-Spire Praise Dance Group

The doors opened to the community when most of the group of girls graduated from the school, thus allowing non Hanley Elementary students to participate. The girls have blessed many people with their gift of dance and the dance group has no intentions of quitting anytime soon.

“The profits will benefit our organization in 2 specific ways,” says Cynthia Loyd-Johnson, “We are in desperate need of new dance uniforms.  We are also preparing to take the girls to Disney World in Orlando this July for 4 days. We want to reward them for being dedicated to the group and we simply don’t have the money to purchase new uniforms or take them to Orlando without extra help.”

Popcorn Palace wishes N-Spire Praise Dance Group much dancing success! Visit You Tube to view  N-Spire Praise Dance Group’s performance.

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