Bridging Cultural & Political Borders

10 Feb

Founded by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956, People to People Ambassador Programs offers extraordinary, life-changing educational travel opportunities for students, educators, and professionals. With nearly 50 years of experience, more than 500,000 alumni, and destinations on seven continents, People to People Ambassador Programs is the world’s most recognized and respected educational travel provider.

To become involved with the People to People Student Ambassador Program, you must be nominated in school for standing out as a mature, responsible, and respectful student and having academic excellence.  Once you are nominated, you have the opportunity to attend any Information Meeting for any delegation you choose.

Rachel knew that once she was accepted to be a student ambassador with People to People, she would need to fundraise her way there.  She conducted hours of research on the computer to find a different and unique fundraiser that she thought would be most appealing to her audience.  Long and behold Popcorn Palace popped up on her screen.

“ I did not fully understand the fundraiser and how it would help me, so I ordered the information packet,” said Rachel. “ I was blown away by the popcorn and the information. The popcorn tasted great and I had never seen such a variety of popcorn flavors. I knew right away that this was a perfect way to start me off on my People to People fundraising journey”.

Rachel is going on the European Odyssey delegation which travels to France, Italy, and Greece to explore their cultures and customs. This program not only give students the opportunity to explore other countries, but gives them the opportunity to be a leader and learn to do things on their own without holding their parents hands the entire way.

“My People to People trip costs over 7,000 dollars. I live in a family where we don’t have extra spending money. With an older sister in her first year of college, and the expenses of living in a house with a 4 person family, 7,000 dollars is a difficult goal to reach. Although I know the journey will be hard, I refuse to give up. Popcorn palace has helped me to make my first payment of 500 dollars and given me hope that I am more than capable of raising the rest of the tuition.”

Popcorn Palace wishes Rachel much success! For more information on People to People, visit

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