“Pictures are Worth a Thou$and Dollars” Contest Winners

10 Jan

For the last three months, Popcorn Palace has been picking a monthly fundraising winner and now you get to pick our grand prize winner! Each month’s winner has won $250 for their cause and the winner you pick will win an additional $250!

Review the winners and pick your favorite!

OCTOBER: Fairmont Preparatory Academy
The Fairmont Music program is trying to raise $180,000 so that they can perform at the London Festival of Music in April 2012. ““Our biggest challenge every year is money. We do not receive financial support from our school beyond classroom necessities, so it is up to the students to raise money for their uniforms and competition costs.” – read more.

NOVEMBER: Port Huron Northern Bands
The band raises money so that everyone has the same opportunity to go to trips such as New York City, Disney World and Detroit’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. “Our dedication goes beyond driving the band members to competitions, games, concerts, and community work.” – read more.

DECEMBER: Midwestern Christian Academy
Located in Chicago, Illinois, Midwestern Christian Academy offers excellent Christian educational curriculum for Jr. Kindergarten through 8th grade students.  As many other private schools have closed or are in danger of closing, MCA has not only survived these tough economic times, but has flourished.  They depend on outside resources, such as fundraising, to maintain programs and make improvements to the school.

read more.

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