Timing is Everything

7 Nov
When planning your fundraiser, the first question to ask is “when?” Timing is very important and depending on the kind of fundraiser you want to hold, certain times of the year of the year are better than others.

When planning the timing of your fundraiser, take the following into consideration:

·Make sure you do not plan your event on a big social or religious holiday or compete with an existing local event. Don’t forget that final exam week is not an ideal time either.
·Take a close look at product delivery times, especially if you are having your fundraiser around the holiday season. Add some cushion just in case shipping is delayed due to weather and other causes beyond the fundraising company’s control.
·Avoid timing your fundraiser right after the winter holidays, when everyone is strapped for cash.
·Plan your fundraiser when you can reach the most potential consumers, so winter, spring or summer breaks are usually out. You also want to be sure that you’ll have plenty of volunteers on hand to help.
·Your product may determine when you will have the fundraiser. For example, you don’t want to sell chocolate in the summer months.

Don’t forget that your fundraising start/end dates affecs other areas:


·Announcement Date: Be courteous to everyone involved by giving an advance notice. The earlier, the better, so that they can mark their calendars.
·Marketing/Promotion: Your marketing needs will vary depending upon the fundraising type. Do you need the school’s approval to announce the fundraiser in the school marquee, perhaps need time for flyers to be created and printed, or need some time to create a website?
·Recruitment: Remember that the early bird gets the volunteer hours.

Your fundraiser will be successful if it is well-planned and well-attended: timing is key!

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