Fundraising with a Computer

14 Sep
The computer has allowed all types of organizations to elevate traditional marketing approaches and keep organizations on top of minds among donors, volunteers and the community, before, during and after our event.Best of all, many tools are free or require low investment. Whatever you choose, make sure that people stay connected to the organization throughout the year.


    • Post reminders onyour Facebook page. Or create a separate Facebook business page dedicated to your event. Upload photos, post videos, and network!
    • Choose a Twitter hashtag for your fundraiser or event. Use the hashtag to keep followers informed about how much money was raised, announce order pick up dates, recruit volunteers, etc
    • Create a Facebook poll or survey. You never know what kind of interesting information you can discover!

Web Page

  • Show what your organization does. The stories most likely to inspire action are those that leave feelings or create images in the audience’s mind. Illustrate the benefits your organization provides to the community.
  • Create a blog using Google’s Blogger (it’s free). Have your volunteers, teachers,participants contribute an article pertaining to the fundraising experience.


  • Keep an email contact list (an excel sheet will do!) up to date based upon purchase date & item purchased. This way you can segment your email list and tailor your messages.
  • Email a “Save a Date” for your fundraiser. This allows your recipient to save some funds for your fundraiser and share the information with their social networks. You may receive extra orders!
  • Send a personalized “Thank You” email. Remember this is a bridge to future support. Don’t forget to include a link to your organization’s page!

One Response to “Fundraising with a Computer”

  1. Matthew Dowling September 24, 2011 at 10:30 am #

    These are some really fantastic ideas! Thank you for sharing them. Your Blog is really good, I hope to read more! -matt

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