Reduce Your Fundraising Noise

23 Aug

One of the biggest challenges that organizations face today is raising money in a weak economy. Unfortunately, multiple activities all generate fundraising noise. In today’s economic climate, it’s vital that your group reduce its fundraising noise. Supporters are already apprehensive about spending or contributing more money. Once your supporters develop apathy, it becomes even tougher to meet your fundraising goals.

According to the Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers, “We learned that school groups that limit the number of fundraising projects conducted throughout the year tend to earn more money with a single fundraising drive. That’s probably because their supporters know they’re only going to be tapped a couple of times and, therefore, they’re more willing to reach into their pockets when it counts.”

Focus on programs that are most efficient and yield the most funds- while limiting the time-commitment from volunteers. If you are considering school wide programs, you should think twice about adding too many fundraisers to the calendar. By putting a greater effort into a fewer number of fundraisers with very specific goals, it is easier to successfully raise the money needed and get greater participation from school families and the community.

Moderation is key!

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