Fundraising 101: Finding the Right Company

4 Mar

Coordinating a fundraising is a very generous commitment that demands time and energy. To get the most out of the experience and to maximize your success, choose a company that best matches your organization’s needs and goals.

There are many wonderful fundraising programs available to organizations, and the key is determining what type of product your group wishes to sell and how you will approach selling those products. You might want to begin by taking inventory so you can determine your group’s objectives and how much money you would like to raise. The number of participants in your organization and the number of helpers may influence the type of fundraiser you wish to pursue. Also important is whether your group has the funds to use a program that requires money up front or would rather pursue a program with no up-front costs.

A great place to start your research is the internet, which is an easy way to search for fundraising ideas and programs. When you find some that interest you and seem to be good matches for your group, you can contact the companies directly for more information regarding their specific programs. Many companies will even send samples or information kits that you can present to other member’s of your group.

Here are some questions to consider while you are researching fundraising programs and contacting companies:

  1. What is the profit margin?
  2. Is this program a direct sales, order form or online sales opportunity?
  3. Are there ordering minimums?
  4. Are there any up-front costs?
  5. Does the company provide incentive programs?
  6. Will the company charge for order forms or samples?
  7. Are there any discounts based upon group or order size?
  8. Does the product require refrigeration?
  9. How does the product ship and are there shipping costs?
  10. How is the company’s customer service? Did you have a good experience with the initial conversation?
  11. Does the fundraising company provide attractive and useful marketing materials?
  12. Does this product appeal to a specific type of customer or is there a broad range of possible clients?

Once you have collected information about possible fundraising options, consider your experience with the companies you contacted. This initial contact could be a clue as to what working with this company will be like later on. In the end, select the program that best suits your organization and its goals, which will make for a profitable and enjoyable experience.

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