Riverside Apostolic UPCI: Fundraising all the way to Greece

20 Jan

“It’s easy to sell Popcorn Palace Popcorn because it tastes very good, the profit we make is awesome and people find it worth the investment.”

As the Secretary and Treasurer at At Riverside Apostolic UPCI, April Peckham knew just where to turn when she needed to raise funds to send Jacinda, a young parishioner, on a mission trip to Greece to minister to the Gypsies.Popcorn Palace was instrumental in helping us raise funds for that life-changing trip.” They’ve used Popcorn Palace to raise funds for Youth Camp/Convention scholarships, which April says, “impacts their lives in a positive way.” 

Although they’ve only been fundraising with Popcorn Palace for a year, April is sure that they’ll be back. “We’ve tried bake sales and brat fries in the past but made little profit,” she says. “When I looked into Popcorn Palace I was excited because we keep the 50 percent profit right away, there’s no expense to put into it before we see results, and you guys make it easy to raise funds!

And it’s not just the ease of selling the popcorn, which April says is “delicious,” that makes Popcorn Palace their top choice. “Your online system is convenient so I could place my order any time I had a moment to do so,” she says.

Riverside Apostolic UPCI strives to “minister to as many needs possible,” and as you can see by the photos, their work certainly seems to be reaching those in need.  

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