Popcorn Palace + Aberdeen YMCA Childcare Center = $uce$$!

7 Oct
“We love fundraisers l like [Popcorn Palace]. Everyone loves popcorn!” 

Amy Severson, the preschool teacher for the YMCA Childcare Center in Aberdeen, SD, for the past 19 years, doesn’t quite remember how she became in charge of the fundraising program, but has been doing it for the many years.

The center takes care of infants from six weeks up to six-year-old children, and another building houses a program for school-aged children. In the past, they hadn’t had very many parents participate in their fundraisers and so, Severson was looking for a change. 
My children went to stay with their aunt and came home and told me about some chocolate-drizzled popcorn they had and loved,” she says. I Googled “popcorn fundraising” and that’s how I found Popcorn Palace.”  
Severson says that the product sells itself: “With this past popcorn fundraiser, we heard a story about someone’s grandparents grumbling about the price of the popcorn, but after they received it they were begging us to tell them how they could get some more! We love fundraisers l like that. Everyone loves popcorn!” They do, indeed! 

Check out the Aberdeen YMCA on Facebook here and Popcorn Palace here.

If you have a cause that you need to raise funds for (or you just love the taste of gourmet popcorn) visit Popcorn Palace today!

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