Like Popcorn? Like Beer? You’ll love POP!

14 Jul
Last Saturday, July 10, saw the world premier of the world’s first popcorn beer. Brewed by Rock Bottom Brewery in Tennessee with popcorn from Popcorn Palace, this historic lager was unveiled at the POP! Popcorn Malt Liquor Festival Tapping festival in Warrensville, Illinois to great fan fare. 

From    Brewmaster Davin Bartosh, who came up with the idea after watching an episode about popcorn on Alton Brown’s Good Eats. From his training at the Siebel Institute of Technology, he says that he realized that wet popcorn would be the perfect grain to brew malt liquor. Using 20 pounds of popcorn (basically the entire volume of his Toyota 4Runner) from Schiller Park’s Popcorn Palace, he created a strong American-style lager dubbed POP! Popcorn Malt Liquor.               

To get your taste, head on down to Rock Bottom Brewery during the month of July.

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