Robert Alexander: Raising funds from coast to coast!

23 Jun
Caring for others is the only way you’ll ever make it in this world, please believe it!
Robert Alexander, a fundraising coordinator for four years, explains how he got into the fundraising business. “I used to be the go-to guy, the one that rallied everyone together to get a job done. So, somewhere around 2006-2007, I decided to get involved with children’s school-related organizations on both the East and West coast to raise money according to kids’ needs.” He further explains, “I did this because parents in small towns, unlike the old days, would not come together and provide for the neighborhood kids whenever an issue with money came into effect.

Some examples of organizations Alexander has helped are: a cheerleading squad that needed to raise funds for uniforms, his nephew’s Boy Scouts troop, and another Boy Scout troop whose captain had reached out to him for fundraising help.

Alexander says that he chose Popcorn Palace because he is a personal fan of the product. “I have never tasted popcorn this good EVER in my life! I have tried many types of popcorn, but I have yet to taste anything that comes close. I have tasted different, but not better,” he enthuses. “Popcorn Palace makes it easy to sell their product because they make it so delicious! I spend much less time picking my teeth when I eat this popcorn, that’s for sure! Great quality!
Alexander, now with the assistance of others, knows that sometimes fundraisers go beyond the due date, meaning there’s a request for the popcorn even after the money is raised. “It’s easy to get someone to buy the popcorn. All they do is taste it and they’re hooked. I tell them about the fundraiser efforts they can use for their particular organization.

Alexander is working towards one day being financially independent, so that if someone in his family has a legitimate need, he can provide the solution for them without them having to struggle and get it on their own. He shares his philosophy on fundraising: “I want to be able to give, because when I wasn’t able to do for myself, someone helped me. Caring for others is the only way you’ll ever make it in this world, please believe it!

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