ING Hoops: Making a Difference in Inglewood

3 Jun

“Out of all the fundraisers we have tried throughout the years, Popcorn Palace has been our number one fundraiser of them all!”

Founded in Inglewood, California in 2003, The ING Hoops Youth Organization became a nonprofit organization and joined the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) in 2005. They now proudly boast of one of the best AAU traveling teams in the state. This group of young men are some of the most talented and dedicated around, with a coaching staff personally committed to teaching the game to the best of their ability. The team motto? One Vision, One Goal, One Team.

ING Hoops believes that positive character development can be accomplished by focusing on core values such as compassion, commitment, integrity, respect, health and responsibility. They strive to develop these values in these young men through mentoring, academics and exemplary sports. The main goal is to prepare these athletes to compete on a national level while installing Godly principles that will ultimately allow them to rise above any negative influences and activities they may encounter. By seeking the highest level of competition, it is the coaches’ goal to develop their basketball players into a position of being awarded college scholarships based on their talent and academics.

Felicia Dean, vice president of the ING Hoops Youth Travel Basketball Organization, has been the fundraising coordinator for the organization for more than five years. Dean wanted to find new and exciting ways of raising funds for the team’s equipment, tournament fees, travel expenses, etc. While searching for a fundraiser other than cookie dough or candy, a close friend told her about Popcorn Palace.

However, Dean wasn’t expecting the kind of response she got by fundraising with Popcorn Palace. “Participants were eager to buy the popcorn because it looked really good and they wanted something they could eat right away!” And since they got to keep 50 percent of the profits, it was also their most profitable one. “Out of all the fundraisers we have tried throughout the years, Popcorn Palace has been our number one fundraiser of them all!” she exclaims.
Popcorn Palace has proven so popular for the team’s fundraising, in fact, that she has people asking for it year round. “People are always asking ‘When will you be selling that good ol’ popcorn again?’ They absolutely love it!” Dean said. “It is the best fundraiser for any age group event. You are guaranteed a profit!”To learn more or to support ING Hoops Youth Organization, email them

If you have a cause that you need to raise funds for (or you just love the taste of gourmet popcorn) visit Popcorn Palace today!

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