Halloween Event Fundraising Ideas

13 Oct

There are many reasons why the Halloween season is the perfect time for fundraising events. The weather is cooler, people are more festive, and the holiday lends itself well to fun themes and decorations. Halloween is also a holiday where families are more likely to celebrate with friends, making it an excellent opportunity for tournaments and competitions. Here are some ideas to consider for the Halloween season.

  1. Halloween Dance Party

There’s nothing like a Halloween Dance Party to get everyone into the Halloween spirit. Especially when the dance floor is filled with friends and family in their Halloween costumes. You can charge for admission into the dance party, hold concession stands, or ask for a donation throughout the event.

A few things you’ll need to get started is a location for the dance, Halloween decorations, Halloween-themed music, and dance lights. Luckily, an event this large is a great opportunity to collaborate resources with local business and other fundraising organizations. For example, working with your school’s basketball team and art club can land you the school gym and decorations.

  1. Pumpkin Painting Contest

Hosting a pumpkin painting contest is an easy event that can be done in a few, quick steps. The fundraiser can charge for admission into the competition or ask for a donation at the end of the event. To get started, you’ll need are tables and chairs for the competitors, disposable table cloth, and paints. You can ask competitors to bring their own pumpkins or have pumpkins ready for sale, giving you more opportunities to fundraise.

Depending on the size of the competition, you can make the contest more fun by creating categories. You can have separate judging panels for categories for the best traditional jack o’ lantern, best stencil-free design, and most creative design.

  1. Halloween Costume Contest

As the days get closer to Halloween, the more likely that people will have their Halloween costumes. This makes a perfect opportunity to host a Halloween Costume Contest event where the fundraising team can charge for admission to watch. In this event, you’ll want as many people as possible to compete, so refraining from charging to compete ensures that anyone who wants to enter can.

Like the Halloween Dance Party, you’ll need a location, decorations, music, and lighting. Partnering with a Halloween costume store or school gym is a great way to secure a location, so work on your fundraising pitch and start networking!

  1. Spooky Scavenger Hunt

Take advantage of the crisp fall air with a Spooky Scavenger Hunt! This event is perfect for families at the park or after school, as they hunt for treats. Kids can have celebrating Halloween by wearing their Halloween costumes and using their Halloween baskets in the scavenger hunt. Fundraising groups can charge for admission into the competition to raise funding or ask for donations after the event.

The advantage of a scavenger hunt is they don’t require a lot of materials and are relatively easy to host. Most scavenger hunts will need treats and prizes to hide, baggies for candy, and a map of all of the hiding spots.

Depending on the size of the event, you can make the scavenger hunt a competition for larger prizes at the end. Keep in mind that you’ll want a great participant-to-candy ratio. If you sell tickets to the event beforehand, you can better gauge how much candy you’ll need for the hunt.

  1. Witch’s Broom Hockey (Ball)

Witch’s Broom Ball is the perfect fundraising event for a large number of participants and a gym.  This event does take a lot more planning, but a great game can help contribute to the fundraiser.

Either in tournament style for larger competitions or team vs. team for a smaller event, two teams of witches play hockey using brooms and a football for a set amount of time. The object of the game is to score the most points by shooting the football past the goalie, into the goal net.

There are many rules available for standard broom hockey (ball). For the purposes of a fundraising event, rules should change, depending on the size of your fundraiser and playing space. Some things to consider are the sizes of the teams and penalties for physical contact with the broom.

Halloween is a fun holiday that lends itself easily to fundraising event ideas. Many of the resources needed to host these fundraisers can be gained by collaborating with businesses and other fundraising organizations. Take the time to plan your event and have a spooky time!

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How to Start a Fundraiser Team Fast

4 Oct

Fundraising to meet a cause is rarely done alone. Many fundraisers have teams that work together and motivate each other to reach their goals. While starting a team can make all the difference, talking to new people and organizing people can feel overwhelming. Especially when you’re pressed for time and need to start fundraising soon.

To help you find the best members for your team, we’ve created 4 groups of potential candidates to get you fundraising fast:

  1. Bring the Team Back Together

Bringing a fundraiser back for another season? Then consider reuniting your old team. When it comes to organizing a fundraiser, there are few things more valuable than experience. Your old team will have the easiest time settling into their responsibilities and will be more familiar with the challenges ahead.

If you’re starting a new fundraising organization or haven’t worked with a team before, then be sure to keep log of your potential team’s contact information. After the fundraiser is over, take note of your experience with each member and stay in contact during the off-season. This will help accelerate the team building process for your fundraising efforts.

  1. Start with Friends and Family

When building a team, it is essential that you seek out members who are dedicated to the cause and share the same vision. For this reason, a great place to start is with friends and family. As personal connections are more likely to be invested in your fundraiser’s success.

Another advantage of recruiting friends and family is a quicker settling time than if you didn’t have personal connection. A great fundraising team takes time to reach a comfortable stage where everyone understands the team’s communication style and work rhythm. This is easier to accomplish, faster when working with friends and family.

  1. Reach Out to Stakeholders

If the fundraising team has open spots available, consider reaching out to stakeholders. This is anyone who has a stake in the success of your cause. For example, if you’re fundraising for your school’s athletic program, consider recruiting members of the athletic team, coaches, the cheerleading squad and color guard. Their direct investment in your cause will help the fundraising team stay motivated in meeting its goals.

When recruiting stakeholders, plan to communicate the fundraiser’s cause and how it will meet its goals on their first day. Since they’re directly invested, they’ll be more interested in what your plans are. This will set the groundwork for stakeholders to take action in your fundraiser.

  1. Promote to Volunteers

After reaching out to stakeholders for your fundraising team, it’s time to promote to non-affiliated volunteers. These are people who don’t directly share a stake in your cause and you’ve yet to build a personal relationship with. Although they’re in the bottom of this list, they’re far from the least valuable. Volunteers and new people can have the most creative ideas and deep connections, expanding the reach of your fundraising team.

A volunteer is offering the team their time and resources to help the fundraiser. Take the time to make them feel part of the team by hosting icebreakers and communicate team identity. This will help them feel like they belong within the team. We’ve written a previous blog on the 4 C’s of Building a Fundraising Team with tips on how to strengthen interpersonal relationship to successfully reach goals.

The key to a great fundraising team is commitment. The more committed members are to the cause, the more likely they are to give it their best and overcome challenges. Find potential team members who you are interested in your cause or you’ve already established a personal connection with and start your fundraiser today!

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Ice Breaker Ideas for Team Fundraising

29 Sep

The first day of a team fundraiser can be a make-or-break time in the level of commitment of members. The keyword in team fundraising is “team”, and without starting a strong team dynamic then fundraisers with challenging goals may not build the momentum needed to overcome future obstacles.

This is where the ice breaker comes in. While some members feel that ice breakers are a fun way to start the first day, there are also members who feel like ice breakers are frivolous use of time. A great ice breaker is an essential component of developing a connection with the team and the fundraiser. The difference is in choosing an ice breaker that fits the objectives of the team.

The Key to Successful Ice breakers: Be Intentional

Before you launch into questions, you’ll need to first understand what it is that you want to achieve. In an ice breaker, the ice is the “thing” that you need to break. By the end of the ice breaker, this “thing” should no longer be an obstacle to the growing team dynamic.

For example, if the fundraiser is starting up a new season with a team of people who’ve never worked together before, then a primary objective is to get people talking for collaborations. The objective for the ice breaker would then be to get people comfortable to not only share ideas, but to be open to critiques. An ice breaker that focuses on teamwork and creativity can help facilitate that dynamic.

When you start with the end-goal in mind, you’ll find that your ice breaker has direction and time is better invested.

Easy Ice breakers for Fundraising Teams

There are many fun ice breakers to choose from that will bring a fundraising team closer. The best ice breakers use an activity that requires teamwork and personal investment. Here’s a list of some easy ice breakers for your fundraising team:

  1. Name Your Reason Game

Ideal for larger fundraising teams, members stand in a circle facing inward and the facilitator starts by telling their name and their reason for joining the team. The next person recites the previous person’s name and reason for joining the team, then introduces themselves and their reason. The circle goes around until each member has had a turn.

  1. Crossword Connection

The facilitator writes their name, straight with even letters, on a chalk board and shares a goal that they have for the fundraising team. They then pick the person closest to them and asks them to write their name across theirs in like a crossword puzzle, also sharing a goal they have for the team. Once all students have written their name, the end result is a crossword puzzle for the class to enjoy.

  1. Epic 30 Seconds

The object of this game is to have members of the fundraising team tell an epic story about an object without pausing. This can be about anything found in the room or on their person. This game is perfect for small groups and fundraising teams who need to brainstorm ideas as it engages the imagination.

Hosting an ice breaker is a great way to start conversations and build confidence between members. The key to an effective ice breaker is to be intentional about its purpose and the end-goal of the first meeting. Most importantly, it’s a time to have fun and enjoy the comradery.

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School Fundraising Tips for Parents

22 Sep

In the long tradition of school fundraising, parents have always been the essential team members that help their child in meeting fundraiser goals. From great advice to attending after school meetings, there are many ways that parents can lend a helping hand. In celebration of parents and their dedication, here are 5 school fundraising tips for parents that will help their child succeed:

Tip #1: Help with Budget Plans

One of the most impactful ways parents can help their child is by walking through a budget plan. A well-planned budget is the life of the fundraiser. While some school fundraisers won’t have overly complicated budgets, it’s crucial that the fundraiser has enough budget to last its campaign.

For more help on planning a budget, check out our previous blogs. We’ve recently created a comprehensive checklist for a successful school fundraiser, including steps for planning a fundraiser budget.

Tip #2: Be a Resource

Organizing a school fundraiser takes a lot of time and resources. Parents can help their child by offering their resources like transportation, a place to host meetings and celebrations, storage for goods, and a hand for preparation. Resources can also bite into the school fundraiser’s budget. Finding creative ways to recycle household items like kitchen utensils, tables, chairs, and paint will also go a long way.

Parents can start by creating a list of things they need to make their school fundraiser a success. Then, write-off resources that the school fundraiser can borrow. Don’t forget to consult with the other parents and see if there are any resources they can offer.

Tip #3: Lead Through Challenges

Taking part in a school fundraiser allows students to learn valuable lessons in time and resource management, team building, and business. When helping your child with their school fundraiser, it can be tempting to take on a heavy load of the work. However, taking too heavy of a load can keep your child from earning the valuable experiences of school fundraising.

Parents can best help their child by limiting their involvement to tasks that require an adult’s supervision. For example, if the school fundraiser is hosting a sale, talk with your child about their comfort in dealing an exchange. If the child feels comfortable handling the money, calculating transactions, and handing the change. However, supervise the exchange to ensure that the correct change is being given.

Tip #4: Aim to Motivate

As your child is working on the fundraiser, be sure to pass them words of encouragement for a job well done. School fundraisers can be stressful, sometimes discouraging. Parents can help their child by reminding them of their progress and evaluating short-term goals.

Tip #5: Use Your Network

A great way that parents can help their child is by introducing the school fundraiser to their network. This can include family, friends, church, recreational groups, and in some workplaces co-workers. There are three ways parents can help their child’s school fundraiser through their network:

  • Sales: The most direct way parents can use their network to help with the school fundraiser is by channeling sales. Introduce the fundraiser to your network and offer to take support for the fundraiser.
  • Promotions: Parents with large social networks can help their child by promoting their school fundraiser. Another great way to promote the fundraiser is to hand-out flyers.
  • Networking: Organizing resources is a great way to save on budget. Parents with connections to recreational facilities, sponsorship, and media can help their child’s school fundraiser by networking these opportunities.

Parents make a great addition to a school fundraiser’s team. With their invaluable experience and resources, schools can get the funding they need for sports programs, after school clubs, field trips, and more. Most important of all, they help their child succeed in meeting their goals.

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Tips to Boost Support for Your Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser

15 Sep

Fundraising is made easier when you’re offering a tasty gourmet popcorn treat. Not only will supporters back a great cause, they’ll also get a delicious, shareable snack for their contribution. While gourmet popcorn is favorite snack for fundraising, the success of your fundraiser rests on a crucial step – your proposal.

When a supporter contributes to your fundraiser, they’re buying into your goals and cause. If your fundraising team can propose these things effectively, then you’re more likely to win support. Here are some tips on how to effectively propose your gourmet popcorn fundraiser:

Tip 1: Simplify Your Popcorn Pitch

When proposing your gourmet popcorn fundraiser to potential supporters, a refined pitch that grabs their attention can make all the difference. A pitch that filled with too many details and complications can be jarring, resulting in lost opportunities. Instead, the pitch should be a single quick line that is simple to understand.

Your pitch should focus on two things – what it is you’re asking for and how will the cause benefit the community. This format creates a simple cause and effect without drowning out the purpose of your fundraiser. Once you’ve grabbed their attention, then you can break down the pitch into its major details.

Tip 2: Create a Digital Presence

While focusing on a quick and short pitch is effective, you’ll want to have information about your cause, goals, and team readily available. With most information moving into the digital space, an effective method of distributing information is through social media pages and/or a website.

There are many social networks to choose from – each with their own advantages. Pick a social network that suits your fundraising team best and that you’re most familiar with. For example, if your gourmet popcorn fundraiser team has a talented graphic artist, then you may want to explore visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

Tip 3: Work Your Way Up in Support

One advantage of working with a gourmet popcorn fundraiser is the ability to scale up the size of contribution. For example, Popcorn Palace offers supporters the ability to buy packages ranging from a 1/3 Gallon Snack Bag to a 2 Gallon Signature Gift Tin. This allows fundraisers to find the best package for their supporter’s contribution.

When giving your fundraiser pitch, it’s important to start small and gradually work your way up. Asking for too large of a contribution can be intimidating, leading to a loss in potential supporters.

Tip 4: Be Transparent About Your Progress

Not only is being transparent about the progress of your gourmet popcorn fundraiser is a great way to motivate your team. It can also motivate potential supporters to be part of your growing cause.

Before contributing, one question that most supporters have about a fundraiser is – how does my contribution add up to your cause? Offering an illustration or follow-up information on the progress of your fundraiser is a great way to show off the successes of your team.

When displaying the progress of your gourmet popcorn fundraiser, it’s essential to start off with smaller goals. As your campaign starts to land its milestones, incrementally increase the height of your goal. Starting with too steep of a goal can have the reverse effect and discourage potential support.

Tip 5: Have a Follow Up Plan

Getting first-time support is great, but recurring support is even better. Creating a follow-up plan for supporters keeps them in the loop, allowing them to offer more support later on.

As you pitch your proposal, ask supporters to follow your fundraiser on social media and/or ask if they’d like to join your newsletter. This will allow your fundraiser to continue communication about progress and open opportunities for recurring support.

Keep in mind that gourmet popcorn is a shareable, tasty snack that is fun to eat at a party or movie night. With so many flavors to choose from it’s likely that supporters will want to order more!

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Why Supporters Love Popcorn Fundraising

6 Sep

When leading a fundraising organization, it’s important to consider what types of activities and sales will help generate the most support. There are many creative ideas to choose from. While each fundraiser has their advantages, popcorn fundraising stands out from rest as being a favorite with supporters. Here are a few reasons why supporters love popcorn fundraising:

  1. More Pop for Their Support

Unlike other fundraisers that sell cookies or candy, a popcorn fundraiser gives supporters more treats for their donation. Most popcorn fundraisers sell large bags, jars, tins, and tubs that carry the popcorn. At Popcorn Palace, sizes range from a 1/3-gallon bag to a huge 2-gallon signature tub.

Having a container like a bag or tub also makes it easier to travel with the popcorn. Other fundraisers that sell cakes or cookie dough have storage requirements to keep them fresh and intact. This can be burdensome for students or professionals who must carry their treats around.

  1. A Variety of Flavors

When you ask someone about their favorite flavor, chances are they’ll find it difficult to pick just one. Most popcorn fundraisers allow for multiple flavors and combinations per-container, making it the perfect snack for even the pickiest of foodies.

Popcorn Palace goes through great lengths to find the perfect balance between sweet and savory flavors, for a variety of assortments. From the classic Brown Sugar Caramel to the adventurous Spicy Cheese, Popcorn Palace has a flavor that everyone will love.

  1. Perfect Snack to Share

One of the biggest reasons why supporters love popcorn fundraisings is because popcorn is a snack that keeps giving back. Popcorn tastes much better when enjoyed with a group of friends and family. A large container like Popcorn Palace’s 2-gallon tin is the perfect for birthday parties, get-togethers, and movie nights.

In fact, we believe so strongly that popcorn is the perfect snack for parties and movie nights, we’ve written a blog on our favorite sports movies for families. So grab some friends and enjoy a tub of popcorn!

  1. Helps to Create Joy

When people supports a popcorn fundraiser, they’re supporting a good cause that gives back to the community. A motto that we proudly at Popcorn Palace is, “When people help each other, amazing things happen”. There are many great causes that host popcorn fundraising. From student led organizations to animal shelters, supporting a fundraiser helps them achieve their dreams and accomplish their goals.

Popcorn fundraising is a favorite amongst fundraising organizations and supporters because it allows people to help with a cause while enjoying a tasty treat. The joy of having fresh gourmet popcorn can be shared with friends and family while proceeds go to a bigger cause, leading to smiles all around!

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How to Pick Your Best Fundraiser Idea

31 Aug

Your next best fundraiser is just an idea away. As you brainstorm with your team about potential fundraiser ideas, you’ll want to have a criteria ready to help you determine which ideas to focus on. When you’re limited on time and resources, every meeting counts. To help you find your best fundraiser idea, consider using these four criteria:

A Great Fundraiser Idea Is Feasible

There are only so many hours in a day and the budget is meant to last the entire campaign. You’ll want to pick a fundraiser idea that is achievable within the resources that you have available. A great fundraiser idea with the most likelihood of success will fit within these three parameters:

  • Your Total Budget
  • Time Allowed for Completion
  • Definition of Fundraiser Success

If the fundraiser idea fits within these parameters, then the goal is feasible. If there isn’t enough room within a parameter, then the other parameters will need to be adjusted.  For example, if you’re short on the Time Allowed for Completion, then you’ll to Redefine Success and increase Your Total Budget.

A Great Fundraiser Idea Is Exciting

Motivation is essential in any fundraising campaign. Without motivation, you’ll run the risk of burning out your team and have a harder time winning supporters. You’ll want to pick the fundraising idea that will generate excitement for your team and supporters.

Keep in mind that certain types of fundraisers pair best with specific talents and personalities. For example, an event-based fundraiser works best for teams who can dedicate long hours and manage high-levels of stress. The best way to determine if a fundraiser idea is exciting is to gauge the enthusiasm of your team.

A Great Fundraiser Idea Grows Other Ideas

There are many parts to a successful fundraising campaign. Not only will you need to plan your time and budget well, but you’ll also need to:

  • Create a sales pitch
  • Plan promotions
  • Organize logistics

A great fundraiser idea will inspire these other parts as you review your options with your team. For example, if you’re reviewing an idea for a popcorn fundraiser and your team is raising money for the school theater club, then the overlapping themes could inspire a great sales pitch.

A Great Fundraiser Idea Is Easy to Communicate

One of the most important qualifiers of a great fundraiser idea is its communicability. An idea that is easy to communicate is easier to lead, because the larger vision and its goals are clear. An idea that is challenging to communicate is a symptom of poor planning and should be red flagged from the other options.

When determining whether or not an idea is easy to communicate, consider creating a mission statement. Using one to two sentences, a mission statement clearly defines the goal through actions.

For example, a mission statement for a school booster club hosting a sales-based fundraiser would say: “The school booster club will raise $500 in 3-months for athletics by selling treats to supporters of our programs.” The mission statement is clear, illustrates the actions needed, and explains the goal in one sentence.

When planning your next fundraiser, chances are you’ll have many ideas on what to do next. Knowing which fundraiser ideas to focus on is essential when time and resources are limited. If you’re going through multiple fundraiser ideas that sound great, then focus on the most exciting one and keep the others in your back pocket. You’ll never know when another great idea will strike next!

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Student Organization Checklist for a Successful School Fundraiser

23 Aug

The start of every semester is an exciting time to reunite with good friends and student organizations. From the athletic department’s booster club to the math club, student organizations give students chance to take on leadership positions and participate competitions, shows, and events.

Most student organizations start recruiting within the first few days of classes. This makes the first few meetings the perfect time to start planning the semester’s activities and budget. To help student organizations review their activities and budget plans, we’ve created a checklist template with key topics to discuss:

Topic 1: The Organization’s Mission: It’s always a great idea to revisit the mission statement of your organization before you set yearly goals. Doing so will give your organization direction for making decisions during the planning stages.

“Together, our mission is to…”

Topic 2: Hold a Roll Call: Before deciding on activities for the new semester, you’ll want to create a log of members and their roles. Some roles may require an election or additional signed forms.

Write the names of students who have agreed to service a roll. If all prerequisites like permission slips, proof of insurance for field trips, dues, and other forms are submitted, then check off their name. Here’s a list of some of the essentials:

Officer Roles:

  • Teacher Sponsor: _____________________________
  • President: _________________________________
  • Treasurer: _________________________________
  • Communications: ___________________________

Organization Members

  • __________________________________________
  • __________________________________________
  • __________________________________________
  • __________________________________________
  • __________________________________________

Topic 3: Time to Plan Activities: After the organization has chosen its officers and gained members, it’s time to start planning for the semester’s upcoming activities. If the organization held activities last year, then take some time to reflect on activities that were enjoyed the most. The experiences gained from past activities will give your organization a reference for how to improve on activities for the current semester.

It’s also helpful to keep a log for how much each activity cost. This will help you estimate how much funding you’ll need for the current semester’s activities. List at least 3 activities and their costs here:

  1. _________________________________________
  2. _________________________________________
  3. _________________________________________

Total Cost for Previous 3 Activities: $__________________

Now, brainstorm on potential activities and get a cost estimate for the current semester. Keep in that some costs may vary, depending on the activity. For example, if your organization is participating in a national competition, you’ll want to account for competition fees, hotel fees, driving expenses, and other essentials. Use previous experiences to get more details where you need them:

  1. _________________________________________
  2. _________________________________________
  3. _________________________________________
  4. _________________________________________
  5. _________________________________________

Potential Total Cost for Current Semester Activities


Topic 4: Plan Your Fundraiser: Once you’ve found your Potential Total Costs, meet with your team to discuss fundraising. Some of the things that will need to be discussed include:

  • Dates for the activity
  • Dates dedicated to activity setup and preparation
  • Deadlines for funding

With this information, the organization to start planning fundraising events and sales. Our fundraising specialist at Popcorn Palace have created another comprehensive checklist that breaks down the essentials for a successful fundraiser.

The Essential Fundraising Checklist can be accessed here: https://popcornpalaceblog.com/2016/02/16/the-essential-fundraising-checklist/ or search “checklist” at popcornpalaceblog.com.

The start of a new semester is a fresh opportunity to plan fun activities for your student organization. Use this template as a guide to help your student organization build momentum and have a great first day!

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7 Simple Tips on Motivating Your Fundraising Team

18 Aug

Motivating your team can be one of the most challenging things in organizing a fundraiser. It’s not enough to have a noble cause. Without motivation your team risks falling short on its goals. Here are 7 simple tips to ensure that your fundraising team reaches success:

  1. Encourage Fundraising Ideas

A great idea can strike like a bolt of lightning. It can come from anywhere and when it lands it brings with it a bolt of energy for your team. Help your team land great ideas by keeping an open door policy for all members. When teams encourage ideas, they are also help their members feel heard, valued, and motived.

  1. Recognize Accomplishments

All accomplishments, no matter how small, is an incremental step in the right direction. When a team member meets their personal best or has completed a challenging task, give them praise for their hard work and dedication. When you give credit to the progress of a fundraising team, they feel more invested in its success.

  1. Assign Responsibilities to Strengths

It’s essential to pair the strengths of your team members to their responsibilities. When team members are enabled to perform the tasks they do well, they’ll feel greater motivation to complete the task.

For example, if your team has a member who loves crunching numbers, then giving them the responsibility of treasurer is something they’ll enjoy. Assigning responsibilities to strengths ensures that members are set for success.

  1. Give Frequent Updates

The fundraising team should consistently receive updates on the progress of their goals. When the fundraiser is moving forward, the team will enjoy knowing that their hard work is leading to real results. When progress has slowed down, leaders should invest in the team look for solutions that will keep them moving forward.

  1. Take Team-Building Breaks

Teams that don’t take the time to recharge after long periods of hard work run the risk of burning themselves out. This is especially true for fundraisers that are working with sensitive subjects where the emotional toll is high.

Take your fundraising team on a retreat or ask your members to take part on a game night. Recreational activities like these enable relationship building and conversations that unify a team.

  1. Hold Regular Meetings

There’s power in holding regular meetings. For starters, it allows team members to better schedule their plans and help the fundraiser. Secondly, being consistent with meetings builds a sense of direction. When the team holds regular meetings, members can build the expectation that at a certain time and day, the team will come together and accomplish and its goals.

  1. Focus On Setting Goals

The team leaders should always have a goal in mind for their team. When leaders have a goal, they set the baseline for what is expected and how the team will get there.

Goals don’t necessarily have to be a dollar amount. A goal can be as simple as filling out a sponsorship form or securing enough chairs for a fundraising event. It’s crucial to always have a goal for the team to accomplish, motivating them to move forward.

When a fundraising team is motivated, they’re better engaged with the cause and develop a sense of goal ownership. Fundraising teams that don’t take the time to motivate their members run the risk of burnout. With these 7 motivational tips, teams can secure the momentum needed to accomplish their goals.

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How to Hold Big Fundraisers for Small Groups

12 Aug

Working with a fundraising team towards a great cause, no matter how small, is always something to be proud of. Sometimes, the smaller team has the advantage when it comes to reviewing ideas, putting plans into action, and holding members accountable.

The key to big fundraising results for a small team is in knowing how to best leverage your time and resources. With a smaller team, roles are focused and everyone is essential. Here are 5 tips to fundraise big with a small team:

  1. Put The Word Out Online

One of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to promote your fundraiser is by starting a social media campaign. Ideally, you’d want to have a mix of social profiles that allow you to spread information as quickly, and to as many people as you can. Some popular networks and their uses include:

  • Facebook allows fundraisers to organize, promote causes, and engage supporters by creating a page.
  • Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest are perfect for sharing images and video to a large active user-base.
  • WordPress, Tumblr, and Weebly are popular blogging sites with easy to format tools.
  • Twitter’s use of hashtags and micro-blogging format allow fundraisers to publish links and information quickly.
  1. Recycle Equipment

When working with a small team, organizing equipment like tables, chairs, sound equipment, and other items can be challenging. If the fundraiser isn’t sponsored, investing in equipment can be expensive. To save on your budget, consider asking members in your team if they can lend equipment until after the fundraiser is done.

If the members in your team can’t lend the needed equipment, consider asking other fundraisers and organizations if they will lend you theirs. Public spaces like recreational centers, parks, and, libraries, and gymnasiums can also make for great venues and in some instances it’s at no cost for non-profits. Just be sure to check with your local representatives about using public spaces before you start.

  1. Rotate Headquarters

Having regular meetings is an essential part of fundraising as it allows members to review their progress, discuss ideas, and plan upcoming events. With a smaller team, it’s critical that all members attend meetings as each member takes on more responsibilities.

A major advantage of working with a small team is having the flexibility to hold meetings whenever it’s most convenient. Consider rotating meeting location and times. This way, schedules are more flexible and all members can attend.

  1. Focus on Small Scale Events

Hosting an event is a popular method of fundraising. From a fun run to silent auctions, there are many creative ideas that will grab attention and help raise support. However, hosting an event requires a lot of time, resources, and a reasonably large team to plan and operate the event. Although it’s not impossible for a smaller team to host a fundraising event, a smaller team will need to take a different approach.

A smaller team should focus on simple fundraising events that can be done within a relatively short amount of time and with few resources. Some fundraising events that are work well for smaller teams are:

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Movie Night
  • Bake Sale
  • Tie-Dye Party

These events require minimal resources and the majority of the work is done outside of the event.

  1. Host a Sales Fundraiser

Another method of fundraising that is also time and resource-effective is to host a sale. Unlike an event, hosting a sale doesn’t require a venue, a plan for activities, or an extensive preparation phase. Selling goods like candy and gourmet popcorn have a quick turnaround period and have minimal risk.

Larger fundraising events require an equally large investment of time and resources with most of the fundraising taking place during the event. A sale allows the fundraiser to better manage their risky because fundraising occurs in increments.

A sales fundraiser is also more flexible to opportunities than hosting an event. Small teams can partner with local events, participate in holidays, work with a sponsor and other fundraising teams to expand their reach.

All fundraisers, no matter how big or small can serve their communities and accomplish a greater good. The key is to be creative and leverage your available resources to meet big goals!

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