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“Quest for Success” Winner

26 Jul

The votes are in and the competition was fierce! We’re proud to announce the winner: Open 4-H!

With fundraising coordinator, Tamela Hutchins, helping rally thousands of votes, Open 4-H will be taking home the $2,500.

We caught up with Tamela, who worked hard in spreading the word of the contest:

“We received support from other Open 4-H chapters, schools and the community. My boss let me distribute flyers to every grocery shopper. I would like to thank everyone for their support.”

Congratulations, Open 4-H!

Bridging Cultural & Political Borders

10 Feb

Founded by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956, People to People Ambassador Programs offers extraordinary, life-changing educational travel opportunities for students, educators, and professionals. With nearly 50 years of experience, more than 500,000 alumni, and destinations on seven continents, People to People Ambassador Programs is the world’s most recognized and respected educational travel provider.

To become involved with the People to People Student Ambassador Program, you must be nominated in school for standing out as a mature, responsible, and respectful student and having academic excellence.  Once you are nominated, you have the opportunity to attend any Information Meeting for any delegation you choose.

Rachel knew that once she was accepted to be a student ambassador with People to People, she would need to fundraise her way there.  She conducted hours of research on the computer to find a different and unique fundraiser that she thought would be most appealing to her audience.  Long and behold Popcorn Palace popped up on her screen.

“ I did not fully understand the fundraiser and how it would help me, so I ordered the information packet,” said Rachel. “ I was blown away by the popcorn and the information. The popcorn tasted great and I had never seen such a variety of popcorn flavors. I knew right away that this was a perfect way to start me off on my People to People fundraising journey”.

Rachel is going on the European Odyssey delegation which travels to France, Italy, and Greece to explore their cultures and customs. This program not only give students the opportunity to explore other countries, but gives them the opportunity to be a leader and learn to do things on their own without holding their parents hands the entire way.

“My People to People trip costs over 7,000 dollars. I live in a family where we don’t have extra spending money. With an older sister in her first year of college, and the expenses of living in a house with a 4 person family, 7,000 dollars is a difficult goal to reach. Although I know the journey will be hard, I refuse to give up. Popcorn palace has helped me to make my first payment of 500 dollars and given me hope that I am more than capable of raising the rest of the tuition.”

Popcorn Palace wishes Rachel much success! For more information on People to People, visit

Win $2,500 for your cause!

3 Feb

Even with Popcorn Palace’s easy and profitable fundraising program, raising money for your school, non-profit, church, team, band etc. can be tough. Since Popcorn Palace cares, we are giving away $2,500 in our newest contest.

Submit your organization picture and tell us how Popcorn Palace’s fundraising program helped achieve your organization’s fundraising goals and you can win $2,500 for your cause!

Click here to learn more about our great gourmet popcorn fundraising program

“Pictures are Worth a Thou$and Dollars” Contest Winners

10 Jan

For the last three months, Popcorn Palace has been picking a monthly fundraising winner and now you get to pick our grand prize winner! Each month’s winner has won $250 for their cause and the winner you pick will win an additional $250!

Review the winners and pick your favorite!

OCTOBER: Fairmont Preparatory Academy
The Fairmont Music program is trying to raise $180,000 so that they can perform at the London Festival of Music in April 2012. ““Our biggest challenge every year is money. We do not receive financial support from our school beyond classroom necessities, so it is up to the students to raise money for their uniforms and competition costs.” – read more.

NOVEMBER: Port Huron Northern Bands
The band raises money so that everyone has the same opportunity to go to trips such as New York City, Disney World and Detroit’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. “Our dedication goes beyond driving the band members to competitions, games, concerts, and community work.” – read more.

DECEMBER: Midwestern Christian Academy
Located in Chicago, Illinois, Midwestern Christian Academy offers excellent Christian educational curriculum for Jr. Kindergarten through 8th grade students.  As many other private schools have closed or are in danger of closing, MCA has not only survived these tough economic times, but has flourished.  They depend on outside resources, such as fundraising, to maintain programs and make improvements to the school.

- read more.

"Pictures are Worth a Thou$and Dollars" Contest

14 Oct

Does your organization have a compelling story to tell? If so, enter in our “Pictures are Worth a Thou$and Dollars” Contest.
We will be selecting a winner for the month of October, November and December! Monthly winners will receive a check made out to the organization for $250. Then it will be up to the Popcorn Palace fans to vote on which organization will receive the grand prize of an additional $250!

To enter, fill out this online survey at send an organization picture to

If we do not receive a picture, your entry will be null and void.

As a token of our appreciation, every complete entry will receive a gift!
We look forward to reading your stories!

Your entry is not complete until a picture is sent to
Only fundraisers that completed a fundraiser during 2011 are eligible
All submissions become the property of Popcorn Palace
You may only enter once
October entries are due on the 31st. October winner will be announced Nov. 7th
November entries are due on the 30th. November winner will be announced Dec. 7th
December entries are due on the 31st. December winner will be announced Jan. 9th
Voting for Grand Prize winner ends January 31st, 2012. Winner will be announced Feb. 4th
Prize is non-transferable
Winner will be contacted via email
Once notified, winners are responsible for responding with their postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers (for our shipper)
Postal addresses must be submitted within one week of (seven days) of notification
This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Blogger nor Twitter. You understand that you are providing your information to Popcorn Palace and not to Facebook, Twitter nor Blogger
Employees, interns, contractors, vendors, as well as their immediate families, of Popcorn Palace, its affiliates, and any representatives or agencies of Popcorn Palace or other persons professionally connected to the Contest are not eligible to participate
Judges’ decision is final

Reduce Your Fundraising Noise

23 Aug

One of the biggest challenges that organizations face today is raising money in a weak economy. Unfortunately, multiple activities all generate fundraising noise. In today’s economic climate, it’s vital that your group reduce its fundraising noise. Supporters are already apprehensive about spending or contributing more money. Once your supporters develop apathy, it becomes even tougher to meet your fundraising goals.

According to the Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers, “We learned that school groups that limit the number of fundraising projects conducted throughout the year tend to earn more money with a single fundraising drive. That’s probably because their supporters know they’re only going to be tapped a couple of times and, therefore, they’re more willing to reach into their pockets when it counts.”

Focus on programs that are most efficient and yield the most funds- while limiting the time-commitment from volunteers. If you are considering school wide programs, you should think twice about adding too many fundraisers to the calendar. By putting a greater effort into a fewer number of fundraisers with very specific goals, it is easier to successfully raise the money needed and get greater participation from school families and the community.

Moderation is key!

Pass the popcorn

26 Jul

Until the end of August on Twitter, we are going to be giving away a free bag of popcorn to a random fan for every 30 new followers we get. But this time, not only does the winner win a bag of popcorn but they also get to choose another follower to give free popcorn to.


All you need to do is follow us at and retweet (copy and paste) the following message to your followers to increase your chances of winning:

“RT @popcornpalace Win FREE popcorn by following @popcornpalaceRT to increase your odds!”

Then, if you win, you will be given the chance to randomly pick and number and we’ll also give popcorn to the follower that corresponds to that number.
Thank you, and good luck!

Rules and Regulations

  • No purchase necessary to enter
  • Contest runs until August 30, 2011.
  • Prizes will be randomly awarded to an existing follower whenever required levels are met. 
  • Only residents of the U.S.A. are eligible
  • We will contact the winners via Facebook message or Tweet.
  • Winners are responsible for responding with their flavor choices, postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers (for our shipper).
  • Postal addresses must be submitted within two weeks (fourteen days) of notification.
  • This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook nor Twitter. You understand that you are providing your information to Popcorn Palace and not to Facebook nor Twitter.
  • Employees, interns, contractors, vendors, as well as their immediate families, of Popcorn Palace, its affiliates, and any representatives or agencies of Popcorn Palace or other persons professionally connected to the Contest are not eligible to participate
  • Judges decision is final.

Spot the popcorn 2 – Contest 1

18 Jul

In order to win, your comment must be the first one posted, include the location of the popcorn (in the picture) and your email address.

For more full details of the July Spot the Popcorn Contest, click here.

Good luck, and may the fastest commentator win!

Celebrate your POP!

17 Jun

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Happy Father’s Day

This Sunday we celebrate those who held the hand of those that brought us into the world. This Sunday we celebrate Father’s Day!

And while Mother’s Day has a long and storied history, Father’s day was simply introduced to compete with complement Mother’s Day. The first recorded Father’s Day was celebrated on July 5, 1908 in West Virginia and was actually done in remembrance  of the more than 200 fathers who were killed in a local mining disaster.

The holiday enjoyed mixed exposure as congress repeatedly shut down attempts by President Coolage and Senator Margaret Chase Smith to make the day a national holiday until President Nixon signed it into law in 1972.   

Today, the holiday is celebrated around the world, mostly on the third Sunday of May, and we at Popcorn Palace would like to wish all the Dad’s out there a Happy Father’s Day!

Fundraising 101: Reducing Fundraising Fatigue

3 Jun

Though organizing a fundraiser is a large undertaking, it should also be an enjoyable experience! To reduce the stress and fatigue often associated with running a fundraiser, just keep a few simple strategies in mind before beginning your fundraiser and the rest will be smooth sailing!

First, start researching programs at least 1 month before you want to begin running your fundraiser. Check to make sure that your fundraiser doesn’t overlap with any fundraisers that may be running, especially if you plan on selling the same product. You don’t want to bombard your target audience with too many fundraisers at once, particularly because it can become expensive, so scheduling becomes important.

Also, have a set beginning and end date for your fundraiser so that your participants know when they need to turn in their orders, money, or any other information. To make the most of your fundraiser without exhausting everyone involved, try running for fundraiser for about 2 to 3 weeks. During this time, contact local businesses for donations or support, as they could be great sponsors. Just be sure to give them enough time!
Next, try to space out the fundraisers you’re involved with or that you organize. Trying to juggle too many fundraisers at once or trying to run one right after another is a guaranteed way to exhaust yourself, your participants and your customers. Quality over quantity is important in fundraising, and if you’re using the right product that will appeal to your audience, you can be successful without going overboard.
Finally, before beginning the fundraiser, determine how many volunteers you will need to assist you throughout the fundraiser and who will be helping. While family, friends and fellow parents are always a great place to start, you may find that you need more recruits or assistants with specific skills or knowledge. First, consider which jobs you need help with, such tallying orders, keeping track of money, delivering or sorting purchases, supervising participants, etc. Give people jobs based upon their interests and abilities. If you’re short on helpers or are looking to explore options, there are some simple resources that you could try, such as:

• Local high schools – students often need community service hours for programs, such as the National Honors Society

• Local newspapers – advertising locally is a great way to get the community involved

• Facebook and Twitter – posting an inquiry on your personal page may be a call to action for your acquaintances

• Organizations such as the Boy Scouts – many need to perform a service project in order to move to the next level

• Website resources – or boardnet.usa are just a few examples of websites that pair volunteers with causes


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