Alley – Ooop!

14 Mar

The Hilltoppers Academy School educates and plays basketball but most of all molds young men, one shot, one pass, one game at a time.

Academy of Excellence was created to provide a positive alternative for children. They provide a unique and outstanding program to help children reach their potential in life and succeed in reaching their ultimate goals.

Hilltoppers Academy Basketball Team

Each child who enters the basketball program must abide by strict rules of the Academy: 

  • Players are to be on time for all practices & games
  • Players must maintain a 2.5 GPA
  • Players will keep a positive attitude at all times

“Popcorn Palace has been a great fundraiser for us. The players worked hard to take responsibility to help out the team so they could have a good season, “ says Coach Shaw, “ The profits allowed our players to travel outside the state to play in tournaments.”

The fundraisers have been so successful that, the team will be running their 3rd fundraiser in 15 months!

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Music Makes a Difference

12 Feb

A thriving orchestra program, like any other superior performing group, cannot reach its fullest potential without the assistance and support of the community. The Lake Highlands Area Orchestra Club, Inc. (LHAOC) is the booster organization for the school orchestras. It is comprised of all parents of orchestra students.



Partly because of the demographics, LHAOC has had challenges in getting the manpower and money raised to help the kids achieve their goals, gain experience and hone their skills. However LHAOC has worked very hard to give the young adults a leg up and help set an example for future students that their hard work pays off and that there are people and organizations who care and support them.

According to varsity orchestra director, Michael Rybiski, fundraising is very important as it supports all orchestra students in Lake Highlands – festival entry fees, travel expenses, instrument maintenance, private lessons scholarships, and senior scholarship funds.

“Popcorn Palace fundraising is a very important first step to achieving our goals. I love that you give 50% to the organization and your product is so easy to sell and distribute. It’s perfect for any non-profit organization of any size,” says Booster Club parent, Sophie Hamlin, “Winning competitions has really helped the kids to feel proud of their accomplishments and have bonded them in spirit. That’s exactly what we want.”

Click here to view some performances by LHAOC.

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For every kid, one at a time

10 Jan

When Pastor James Shelton, first arrived at Loop Baptist Church, he was shocked that the church did not have a Youth Ministry.  He deep down knew that the community would enjoy some of the perks that other churches offer their youth like youth camp, mission trips, and other youth activities.


But since the church is located in a small farming area, it is hard to fund such events.  Then along came Popcorn Palace’s fundraising program. This makes the third year of being able to take the kids to youth camp and the first year on being able to include mission trips.

“I was most pleasantly surprised by great success we had selling flavored popcorn in such a small community. But then again the popcorn is very good and very favorable. No one has been disappointed with any they have bought. Some wished they would have bought more or the bigger size.”

Pastor James Shelton adds, “If we in a small community and small area can have a successful fundraiser with Popcorn Palace then anyone can!”


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Belting it Out

12 Nov

Montbello Falcons Athletic Club Inc is a youth sports organization for youth ages 4 to 14 for football, baseball, cheerleading, volleyball and soccer.  They are dedicated to providing the youths a positive environment in competitive sports.

Montbello Falcons

Cheerleading is fundamentally about three things: athleticism, hard work and dedication, and coming together as a team.  These traits helped the girls reach their fundraising goal.

“The Montbello Cheerleaders did the fundraiser and they just had a blast”, said Necce Rattler, “It brought in a nice of amount of money to help the girls cover the high costs of their uniforms and accessories.”

The fundraiser was so successful that they plan on running more fundraisers throughout the year. Great job girls!

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You Spoke- We listened, and Acted!

9 Sep

After feedback from you, we have made a number of changes for the Heavenly Experience Fundraising Form to make your fundraiser more profitable and easier to manage.


You asked the questions, so we acted and reviewed our fundraising program:

1. You asked: Can you make the form easier to use?

We’ve changed the layout of the form so it is easier for the participants and fundraising coordinator. The total sheet is now located to the right and each line item is color coded. There’s even a section for line item totals, item dollar totals, and grand total. Best of all, you can tear the total sheet easily as it is on the fold.

2. You asked: Can you add different flavors to the 6-Flavor Gift Set?

After reviewing the flavors, we’ve decided to remove Chicago Chic® as this is a combination of Cheddarific and Brown Sugar Caramel and replaced it with a popular flavor, Spicy Cheese.

3. You asked: Can you clarify better on the availability of Milk Chocolate Drizzle and Deep Chocolate?

We’ve added the word “available from” under the popcorn images and in the tally form. In addition, the statement is in red on the cover of the form.

4. You asked: What tools do you have available for us?
We not only put flavor reviews in the form, we also have letter templates for you to use. Templates include a parent letter, reminder letter, order pick up letter and much more! Just ask us for it.

If you have suggestions or further questions on how we can improve your fundraising experience, please feel free to email or call us at 800-873-2686. 

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 You will receive your kit within 10 business days. If you have any questions, please contact us at 800-873-2686.

Law & Order

8 May


As a second generation immigrant, Lesly Lozano, has clear goals for her future – to become a lawyer.  Her hard work at high school was recognized by Lead America, one of the nation’s educational leaders in personalized experiential learning for high school and middle school students.  Lead America collaborates with top colleges throughout the US to offer college immersion programs to better prepare students academically and emotionally for the transition to college life.

Attending the Law & Trial Conference at Stanford Law School allows students to step into the roles of prosecution and defense legal teams in a mock trial setting. The 10 day conference consists of faculty discussions, analysis of important case studies, real-world guest speakers and enriching off-campus field trips.

At first Lesly was excited, but then realized that the fee to attend was $3,200.00. Lesly would be the first to attend college and wanted to impact her sister, but the cost for the conference was above her family’s limits. Her hopes and dreams were so close and yet so far away.

“Lead America had fundraising ideas, but after reviewing them all, we realized that they did not leave a good profit. We also had to pay the money up front,” says Lesly’s mom, Maryvel, “I found Popcorn Palace on the internet and we immediately started selling at school, around the neighborhood, and to family members.”

Maryvel knows Stanford is an expensive university, but she wants her daughter to understand that if we set our minds to do something, we can accomplish anything in life. “What I love about Popcorn Palace is that customers are coming back for more. The product is such high quality that buying once is not enough. Selling Popcorn has been easier than I thought and the profits are great!”

For more information about Lead America, visit

Guest Post – Ten Basic Rules of Fundraising

12 Apr

A Mom's Guide to School Fundraising


(not necessarily in this order)

I like top ten lists.  Always have!  They are easy, quick and to the point!  Having a set of guidelines to use when you take on fundraising, whether it’s for your school, your sports team or club, will help you stay focused on the task at hand!

 1.    Know your message.  This is a big one that people usually forget about.  It’s important to know what you’re putting out to your school community.  If the fundraiser is about helping a downsized teacher, don’t start a campaign about getting a nurse for an extra day a week.  Your message will be muddied and people will be turned off.

2.    Know your audience.  If your school community is geared toward math and science, you may not want to raise money for a new French language teacher for the school.  If your school is primarily a Spanish speaking community, make sure you are giving them the information in Spanish as well as English.  There are ways to make the community feel involved and welcomed.  Don’t let something that can be easily fixed be what brings your fundraising efforts down.

3.    Make what you’re asking for as clear as possible.  Always be specific.  Don’t just ask parents to make a donation to the walk-a-thon.  Ask them to set a specific goal. Give them that goal.  “We want to raise $100/child.”  That doesn’t mean you will get that, but you are working toward a goal.  Maybe you know ten people who want to donate $10/each.  Now you have made your goal.

4.    Ask politely.  You’d be amazed by how asking nicely can get you the answer you want.  Remember those golden rules from Kindergarten…they definitely apply here!

5.    Follow-up.  It takes a lot of hard work and organization to bring the money in.  Don’t just count on a donation letter (or worse, email) to get you the donations.  You must follow up with phone calls.  Make a personal connection to the people you are asking donations from.  It makes them feel special.

6.    Don’t give up.  There will be people who say no.  They may even be rude.  Don’t give up, and don’t stoop to their level!  Be gracious and kind, even when they yell at you to stop calling!!

7.    Send thank you notes.  Not only does it show that you appreciate their effort and donation, it may get you another donation the following year!  Whether it’s a tax letter thanking them or a collage by the students, let them know you care!

8.    Show people how they have made a difference.  People want to know that what they do is appreciated.  See #7 for more on that!

9.    Build relationships with businesses.  Businesses in your neighborhood want to help.  Helping you helps their business too.  Parents want to support businesses that support their school or club.  Businesses want new customers to come.  We help each other when we bring in the neighborhood businesses.

10. Have fun!  This is so important.  Stay positive and remember that the whole purpose of doing these fundraisers are for the kids!  If you turn it into a high drama, rant club, you will burn out (and never find anyone else to volunteer again either)!

IMG_20120601_105636About the Author: Sarah Barrett is a former teacher and small business owner with a MA in Education who has traded in her full-time career to dedicate her time and energy to fundraising for her neighborhood school.  She has just published her first book, A Mom’s Guide to School Fundraising, which is available on Kindle or paperback through Amazon.  For more information about Sarah or the book, go to


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