Have a Game Plan for Popcorn Sales

25 Jul

We can’t emphasize enough just how important preparation and planning are to a successful fundraiser. Knowing your audience, setting goals and seeking out opportunities are key to meeting and exceeding your sales goals!  Before launching your popcorn fundraiser, take a look at all the potential ways you can sell popcorn, and weigh the pros and cons of each to determine which ones best suit your group. Use the following suggestions to help come up with a solid game plan for popcorn sales.

Students Selling to Student

This might be the easiest way to sell popcorn because kids are always looking for something yummy to snack on, and they’re impulsive buyers. The downside of this is kids don’t often have a lot of cash on them. When students are selling to fellow students suggest reaching out to them before lunchtime, when they might have more available cash on hand.

Selling to Family

Selling popcorn bags to family is a no-brainer. Our families are often our best resource because they want to support us in all endeavors. However, because of this, family can often get over-utilized. When setting your fundraising dates, be aware of any major family events, such as a wedding, which may limit your results. However, you can sometimes turn obstacles into a blessing. Savvy sales people will know how to take advantage of having their family members all together in one room.

Parents Selling to Co-Workers

Co-Workers can often be great for fundraising, but because of this people can get sick of being asked to participate in fundraisers. Make sure to give yourself a good window of time before launching the fundraiser so you can start planting seeds. Start telling people about the popcorn fundraiser – get them excited about Popcorn Palace’s signature flavors. This is also a great time to start telling everyone about how the funds will be used. If the funds are for a school or church group, start talking them up and make sure to personally invite co-workers to upcoming games or events.

Selling at Sporting Events & Other Venues

Selling at sporting events and other storefronts, such as grocery stores, can be a fantastic way to rack up the sales! You’re exposing the group to a new market and endless resources. However, this means there are a few more hoops to jump through. First and foremost, you need to request permission from the venue. Make sure to give them plenty of notice because scheduling can be difficult. Remember, they deal with non-profit organizations regularly.

The downside of selling at a venue to folks who may be unfamiliar with you is that they may not feel comfortable giving you money up front. Therefore, if this is part of your business plan, we recommend you order the popcorn first and sell the actual snack bags, signature jars, value bags and even gift sets on-site. You may also want to hand out business cards just in case people decide they want more, because it’s likely they will after they taste that first heavenly kernel!

Good luck and get poppin’!

Five Great Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

7 Jul

Have you exhausted all of your creative fundraising resources for your son or daughter’s sports team? Take a look at these fresh concepts to spark some innovative ideas for your next fundraising adventure!

Sports Night Out

Take advantage of your sports-loving family and friends and organize a sports night by partnering with a local restaurant. Kid-friendly ones with a lot of TV’s are best. Plan the evening around a popular game or sports event and then promote it via Facebook, email and word-of-mouth. A pre-arranged percentage of the profits from that evening will go towards the team. You can even sell merchandise at the event, such as t-shirts, buttons and hats with the team logo.

Professional Photo Sessions

Find out if there’s anyone on your team that has a friend who is a professional photographer, and ask if he or she would be willing to donate their time on a weekend day or weekday evening. Next, book time slots for families, individuals or couples at the school or even outside of the school. Have your group reserve time slots using SignUpGenius.com, which is an easy way to manage scheduling and other information.  Besides the cost of printing, your organization earns 100% of the profits.

Create a Calendar

Print a calendar with team photos and sell them at games or other school-related events. To produce a professional–looking product can be a bit time-consuming but also extremely fun. Put each member in charge of something, such as costumes, locations and equipment. Make sure to do your research to find a place that will print inexpensive but good quality calendars. Online is a good place to look, but you might also find a local business willing to donate a percentage of the cost to help support the team. You’d be surprised what you can get for free if it’s for a good cause and you’re willing to ask!

Host a Tournament Event

This is an exciting way to promote healthy competition and get your fans involved. Other teams will have to play to pay, and you can sell tickets to the event. If you want to bump it up a notch, you can even create a theme around the tournament and plan mini competitions throughout the day. Find vendors willing to sponsor food for a concession stand and brainstorm other merchandise that can be sold throughout the day. The profits go directly to the team. Make sure to let people know what you’re using the funds for to get them excited about their contribution!

Flavored Gourmet Popcorn

If you’re looking for a fresh idea, there’s nothing fresher than fundraising with flavored gourmet popcorn. No more chocolate or cookie dough!  Popcorn Palace has an array of delectable flavors from Brown Sugar Caramel to Spicy Cheese and Fruit Rainbow that kids, parents and friends will love. Check out our fundraising page for more details on how to organize your popcorn fundraiser today!

Why Your School Can Raise More Money with Popcorn!

27 Jun

There are multiple ways to raise much needed funds for your school team or group. Everyone’s very familiar with traditional fundraisers such as selling chocolate and holding a carwash. However, fundraising for any organization, no matter what the method, can be challenging so why not start with the ball in your court?

Healthy & Delicious

Fundraising with premium gourmet popcorn made by Popcorn Palace solves one hurdle right out of the gate. Popcorn is a fresh, new way to raise funds and hasn’t been exhausted the way traditional methods have. Popcorn is also a much healthier alternative to other candy often being sold.

We make popcorn that is both outrageously delicious and mindful. Each batch is handmade using real ingredients such as nuts and fruit oils. We’re not afraid of our nutrition facts and post them directly on the website. One of our most popular sellers is the ‘Better Salt ‘n Pepper,’ which is part of our fundraising package. Kids can eat almost 3 cups of this tasty popcorn for only 160 calories, plus it’s made with sea salt and cracked black pepper. Parents are ecstatic to get behind a fundraiser like this and kids, well, kids just love that it tastes great!

50% Profit & No Up-Front Costs

One of the major factors that should be considered is the expense-to-profit ratio. Some fundraisers can be very expensive on the front end with minimal profit on the back end. With some methods you can even lose money, if you have a lot of up-front costs. However, with a Popcorn Palace popcorn fundraiser, you make a whopping 50% on each item sold and there are no up-front costs. What this means is that you sell orders, collect money, and then place your order. This way, no unnecessary expenses are accrued. This is a relief for most families who are expected to come to the rescue time and time again.

Tools to Help You Succeed

The fact is a fundraiser can fail no matter what method you use. The key is to be prepared and we help you do that! We want you to succeed and so we provide integral tools to aid your group. One of the most important items is the interactive form, which helps you set personal as well as group sales goals. Goals are often overlooked, and without them it’s hard to know where you’re headed. Setting goals helps students stay on track. Make sure to take time to use this tool. You can even take it to the next level, and make a competition of it. Keep track of sales goals and successes for each student on a chalk board and the one with the best sales gets a special prize at the end of the fundraiser. It’s a fun way to keep everyone motivated.

Other great tools Popcorn Palace provides include letter templates, such as a reminder letter and parent letter. Check out our fundraising page here: http://popcornpalace.com/Home/Fundraising. We also provide crucial support. Contact us any time at 800-873-2686 with questions or comments. We are always ready to lend a hand!

Five Easy Steps to Running a Money-Making Popcorn Fundraiser

18 Jun

There are plenty of ways to raise funds, but before you decide which way is best for your particular organization, consider your options thoroughly. Many fundraising methods require money up front or involve other aspects which may get in the way of your primary goal of raising funds.

Fundraising with gourmet popcorn from Popcorn Palace is as easy as, well, popping popcorn. Plus your group makes a 50% profit on every item they sell. Here are 5 easy steps to running your own popcorn fundraiser with Popcorn Palace:

Getting Started

Check out the website to get a sense of what Popcorn Palace is all about. Explore the flavors made with fresh real ingredients. On the top right of the website, click on the link titled “Make Fundraising Easy,” to request more information or start a fundraiser. Also, take a few moments to check out the blog which features testimonials from previously successful fundraisers.

Fundraising Kit

When you’re ready, you can request a free fundraising kit by filling out the form online at our fundraising page. You should have it in approximately 10 business days.

Popcorn Palace also provides a variety of tools to help make the fundraising process simple and fun. We provide a fundraising brochure with an interactive form to help create your own business plan, as well as letter templates for a parent letter, reminder letter, order pick-up letter and more. Make sure to ask for these materials.

Delicious Decisions

Next, it’s time to make some decisions. Pick the launch date and end date for your fundraiser, which should run approximately two to three weeks. Make sure to also give the group time to prepare for the fundraiser. Create a Facebook event page, put up flyers and spread the word.

Now it’s time to choose your flavors. Review the price list to see available options and determine which option is best for the group. By using the interactive form, you can set personal and group sales goals.

Set Up Your Account

Create an account online at: popcornpalace.com/Home/Fundraising. All necessary information will be provided in your fundraising kit or we can send you a PDF file with all of the ordering details.

On Your Marks, Get Set, Sell!

Now, it’s all up to you! Popcorn Palace fundraising is risk free since you sell orders before the product is purchased. Selling popcorn is as delightful as it tastes. Popcorn Palace has been seen on Food Network and is beloved across the country, and you’ll soon taste why!

Once the fundraising is completed, place your order, either online or via regular mail. Once payment has been received, be sure to allow 10 business days for delivery. If you have any additional questions or comments, please call 800-873-2686. We’re always happy to help!

Celebrate Holidays & Sell More Popcorn!

5 Jun

Take advantage of holidays in order to maximize your fundraising potential. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, even 4th of July are great holidays to add spirit to sales. Popcorn is the perfect treat to sell during these popular gift-giving occasions. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to tailor your popcorn fundraiser around major holidays:

Valentine’s Day

Who doesn’t want to get something sweet from their sweetheart on the most romantic day of the year? On Valentine’s Day, buy a box of inexpensive Valentine’s cards that kids can give each other and attach them to the popcorn container. People can personalize the cards themselves. If the fundraiser is for a school, you can charge an extra $1 to personally deliver Valentine’s popcorn to the students’ classrooms. Organizations can also take advantage of Valentine’s popcorn, if they have an event or meeting within a week of this decadent holiday.

Super Bowl Sunday

Although Super Bowl Sunday isn’t an official holiday, there are many people that celebrate it as if it were the biggest holiday of the year. Popcorn is the great addition to any Super Bowl spread, whether it’s wings, pizza, sandwiches or something else. This is a great day to sell in bulk, so offer discounts on multiple orders. Decorate the bags with a sticker of the buyer’s favorite team.


Easter is another holiday that friends and family expect to get a sweet treat, so make sure to consider this when picking your popcorn flavors. “Fruit Rainbow,” which is made with real tangerine, lemon, apple, grape and tart cherry, is a festive and colorful choice for Easter. Throw in a few plastic eggs filled with even more delicious popcorn and prepare to sell out.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is that special day when we honor our Mothers for their love and dedication. Traditionally, Mother’s Day is a day of flowers, candy and jewelry. Spice up your popcorn bags with a few fresh or paper flowers. You can also buy some simple Mother’s Day cards which can be upsold to people who wait until the very last minute to get a card. Remember that Mother’s Day is a great way to celebrate stepmoms, grandmothers, aunts, and other women who make a difference in our lives.

Independence Day

On the Fourth of July, Americans celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence with a day of festivities largely centered on fireworks and food. Popcorn is a perfect snack for outdoor barbecues and picnics. It’s perfect to eat while watching parades or baseball games. Make sure to accent popcorn bags with cute little American flags and pick flavors that work well with your favorite Fourth of July activities.


Popcorn has always been a tried and true Halloween treat! For years, families gave out homemade popcorn balls to costumed children and some still do. Offer a trick that’s also a treat with savory flavors like spicy cheese, and enhance your popcorn bags with plastic spiders and handmade paper pumpkins, ghosts and other ghouls.


Popcorn has long been associated with Christmas. Many of us used to string popcorn to decorate our Christmas trees. Not everyone can afford expensive gifts, especially when buying for lots of people. High schools and churches can make a killing during Christmas by accenting their popcorn bags with pretty bows or a mini candy cane. Sweeten up everyone’s holiday with brown sugar caramel or milk chocolate drizzle popcorn.

Check out Popcorn Palace Fundraising page for more information!

Five Outstanding Ideas for High School Fundraisers

22 May

There are an endless number of ways high schools can raise funds for their band, glee club or other organizations. High school programs often have limited resources, thus leaving it up to the parents and students to supplement the budget. If you need inspiration for your next fundraiser, we can help!

  1. EDIBLES and MORE:

In a traditional fundraiser, students sell an assortment of items such as candy bars, pies, cookie dough, and t-shirts. It is important to offer a unique and quality product that people want. Gourmet popcorn is an excellent way to raise funds because so many people love popcorn, and it’s a healthier and heartier snack than candy and cookies. Edible fundraisers are best when the profit made on each item is high. Also, make sure you only pay after the orders are taken, so you don’t incur any risk for your organization.


Sports teams can rally their supporters and boost team spirit by hosting a pledge event. For example, a basketball team can organize a “Shoot-a-Thon,” and invite friends and family to pledge 50 cents for every successful free-throw a team member makes. Wrestling teams can host a “Lift-a-Thon,” where people pledge a dollar amount for each pound a student can bench-press. It’s a fun way to get fans excited about the upcoming competition(s) and raise money at the same time.


Although it can require a lot of planning and coordinating, an auction can be a fantastic way to raise a significant amount of money. Parents and friends are asked to donate desirable goods and services that can be auctioned off at an event. For an auction to be successful, it’s helpful to find corporate sponsors who can also donate items such as gift certificates, an MP3 player, and artwork. Sponsors can also donate food, drinks or needed items for the auction so upfront costs can be minimized.


A book sale is another great way to raise funds for high school groups and doesn’t require much up-front cost. Friends, relatives, teachers and fellow students are asked to donate their old books. Its best to have a wide variety of books, and you definitely need excellent marketing so you can use posters, flyers, Craigslist ads and social media. Leftover books can be donated to a library, shelter or school, which means everybody wins!


Provide an evening of entertainment and an exciting prize by setting up a scavenger hunt! Plan a route and make a list of interesting or unusual items that participants must find in order to win. Advertise the event and charge a small fee to participate. Be sure to find a company willing to sponsor the price, so all of the money donated can go straight to the organization, and you can include the prize and sponsor on the advertisement. You’ll draw more participants and the sponsor gets an advertising opportunity.

These are five options for successful fundraising for any school group. Be creative, and pick an option that helps your organization and your community. Popcorn Palace is always happy to help high schools reach their fundraising goals! Click here to find out more.



Popcorn is a Profitable and Fun Way to Raise Funds

15 May

While there’s no doubt that everybody loves those delicious cookies sold by savvy little girls every year, eventually people get tired of seeing them. Other popular fundraising items such as candy bars and cookie dough also get tiresome.

Fortunately, Popcorn Palace offers an alternative for schools, churches and other non-profits needing to raise money. Popcorn Palace offers over 12 flavors to choose from, which range from sweet to savory, and supreme. Everyone has their favorite, but some of the most popular flavors are Milk Chocolate Drizzle, Nutty Caramel and Spicy Cheese.

Organizations can take pride in fundraising with Popcorn Palace popcorn because it’s a healthy snack made with premium natural ingredients such as roasted nuts and real fruit oils. Each flavor is made by hand in small batches, which means each kernel is fresh and flavorful.

There are numerous benefits to fundraising with gourmet popcorn made by Popcorn Palace. The number one reason is that organizations earn 50% profit on each item, and there is never an order minimum or up-front costs. Orders come pre-sorted by group or individual, saving you time and distribution errors.

From high school bands to youth ministries, organizations of any size can take advantage of this opportunity. Even organizations in very small communities have successfully met their funding goals, simply because the popcorn is so delicious, everyone leaves happy, and many come back for more!

There’s also an outstanding support staff ready to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. Interested organizations can get started by setting up an account online or by calling 800-873-2686 today.

Building Character & Confidence

25 Apr

Coach Eddie McFerrin was the type of athlete that was always involved with volunteering.  He first started with Lake Stevens Junior Athletic Association helping with their basketball and football programs and then at a local boys and girls club in the community. His love for sports and coaching led him to start his own basketball program, Fusion Basketball.


Fusion Basketball consists of 4th graders through high school students.  Coach McFerrin understands that sports are a great activity for children that provide a variety of benefits other than physical activity. Participation in sports can help build self-esteem and confidence, can motivate children to excel academically and can help build social skills. Participation also can teach children the benefits of goal-setting and practice.

“We solely cannot rely upon sponsors and donations to cover all the costs associated with running a basketball program, “says Coach McFerrin, “ Popcorn Palace has helped our kids that can’t afford to travel attend the tournaments, pay for the uniforms, and much more.”

Most importantly, fundraising has taught the kids to become more responsible and self-reliant.

To read more about Fusion Basketball, visit http://fusionbasketball.net/Home_Page.php.

For information on Popcorn Palace Fundraising Program, visit http://popcornpalace.com/Home/Fundraising.

Alley – Ooop!

14 Mar

The Hilltoppers Academy School educates and plays basketball but most of all molds young men, one shot, one pass, one game at a time.

Academy of Excellence was created to provide a positive alternative for children. They provide a unique and outstanding program to help children reach their potential in life and succeed in reaching their ultimate goals.

Hilltoppers Academy Basketball Team

Each child who enters the basketball program must abide by strict rules of the Academy: 

  • Players are to be on time for all practices & games
  • Players must maintain a 2.5 GPA
  • Players will keep a positive attitude at all times

“Popcorn Palace has been a great fundraiser for us. The players worked hard to take responsibility to help out the team so they could have a good season, “ says Coach Shaw, “ The profits allowed our players to travel outside the state to play in tournaments.”

The fundraisers have been so successful that, the team will be running their 3rd fundraiser in 15 months!

For more information on the team, visit http://leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=doitdoit.

For information on Popcorn Palace’s fundraising program, visit http://popcornpalace.com/Home/Fundraising.

Music Makes a Difference

12 Feb

A thriving orchestra program, like any other superior performing group, cannot reach its fullest potential without the assistance and support of the community. The Lake Highlands Area Orchestra Club, Inc. (LHAOC) is the booster organization for the school orchestras. It is comprised of all parents of orchestra students.



Partly because of the demographics, LHAOC has had challenges in getting the manpower and money raised to help the kids achieve their goals, gain experience and hone their skills. However LHAOC has worked very hard to give the young adults a leg up and help set an example for future students that their hard work pays off and that there are people and organizations who care and support them.

According to varsity orchestra director, Michael Rybiski, fundraising is very important as it supports all orchestra students in Lake Highlands – festival entry fees, travel expenses, instrument maintenance, private lessons scholarships, and senior scholarship funds.

“Popcorn Palace fundraising is a very important first step to achieving our goals. I love that you give 50% to the organization and your product is so easy to sell and distribute. It’s perfect for any non-profit organization of any size,” says Booster Club parent, Sophie Hamlin, “Winning competitions has really helped the kids to feel proud of their accomplishments and have bonded them in spirit. That’s exactly what we want.”

Click here to view some performances by LHAOC.

For more information about Popcorn Palace’s fundraising program, visit http://popcornpalace.com/Home/Fundraising.


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